TZJ86-1306M 6T Jack Stands

Professional Factory Direct Supply 6 Ton High Quality Jack Stand
  • Min.Height:360mm
  • Max.Height:585mm
  • Product size: 270*240*340mm
  • Packing:1pair/inner box,3pairs/ctn
  • Packing size:77*31*44cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:799pairs


When we need to repair a car, in order to ensure safety, we need to use a jack stand, also known as a Jack Stand. Its function is to provide stable support during car repairs to ensure that the car is at a safe height, allowing the repairman to be free operation and avoid accidents

    First, choose the appropriate Jack Stand: According to the weight and height requirements of the car, choose a Jack Stand that can withstand the corresponding weight. Make sure it is of reliable quality, certified and meets relevant safety standards.

    Second, find the right jacking points: Find a support point on the bottom of the car, which is usually a reinforced spot on the vehicle’s frame. Make sure the points are chosen correctly to avoid damaging the vehicle structure.

    Third, raise the car: Use a jack to lift the car to the appropriate height off the ground. Pay attention to checking the stability step by step during the lifting process to ensure that the car rises smoothly.

    Fourth, install the Jack Stand: Place the Jack Stand at a pre-selected point, ensuring that it is in close contact with the bottom of the car. Then, gently raise it to the desired height and make sure it’s secure.

    Finally, safety check: Before using the Jack Stand, make sure it is supporting the car securely and not loose or tilting. Gently rock the car with your hands to make sure it sits smoothly.

Before using the Jack Stand, be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines, and regularly check and maintain the stability and functionality of the Jack Stand to ensure it is working properly.

Product Details


Ductile iron, strong toughness and high impact resistance

Support foot pad

Large contact area, strong force

What safety issues need to be paid attention to during use?

Do not try to make the Jack Stand bear a weight that exceeds its rated load capacity. This may cause the Jack Stand to deform or break, endangering safety.

How to choose the right Jack Stand?

According to the weight and height requirements of the car, choose a Jack Stand that can withstand the corresponding weight, is certified and complies with relevant safety standards. At the same time, when choosing a Jack Stand, you should also consider your own usage needs.

How to store and care for Jack Stand?

When storing the Jack Stand, place it in a dry, ventilated place and avoid contact with moisture and corrosive substances. After use, the stability and functionality of the Jack Stand should be regularly checked and maintained to ensure that it is working properly. Clean and lubricate the Jack Stand’s moving parts to ensure proper operation. At the same time, do not try to repair a damaged Jack Stand, but replace it promptly.

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