Air Compressor Pump Manufacturer in China

Our Air Compressor Pump product line stands out with a compact production line, experienced workmen ensuring quality, professional solutions, and a diverse production range through joint partner factories.
  • Our team designs Air Compressor Pumps with advanced technology, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Our state-of-the-art facility guarantees consistent and reliable performance through advanced production techniques and strict quality control.
  • Rigorous testing validates the superior quality of our Air Compressor Pumps, exceeding industry standards.

Altertool Air Compressor Pump

Our Air Compressor Pump products are renowned for their exceptional performance, unmatched reliability, and superior durability.
We will provide different design schemes according to your needs, if you need samples, we can also provide you with!

  • Voltage and power:DC 12v, 180W
  • Maximum pressure:150 PSI
  • Electrical Current: 10-13.5A
  • Output Volume:60L/MIN
  • Product size:252*100*165mm
  • Voltage and power:DC 12v, 180W
  • Maximum pressure:150 PSI
  • Electrical Current: 13.5A
  • Output Volume:60L/MIN
  • Product size:252*100*165mm
  • Voltage and power:DC 12v, 200W
  • Maximum pressure:150 PSI
  • Electrical Current: 17A
  • Output Volume:60L/MIN
  • Product size:252*100*165mm
  • Voltage and power:DC 12v, 160W
  • Maximum pressure:150 PSI
  • Electrical Current: 15A
  • Output Volume:60L/MIN
  • Product size:215*82*145mm
  • Voltage and power:DC 12V,540W
  • Maximum pressure:250PSI
  • Electrical Current:45A
  • Output Volume:150L/min
  • Product size:32*22*14 cm
  • Voltage and power:DC 12V,1080W
  • Maximum pressure:200PSI
  • Electrical Current:90A
  • Output Volume:300L/min
  • Product size:36*22*14 cm
  • Voltage and power:DC12V,200W
  • Maximum pressure:150PSI
  • Electrical Current:9A
  • Output Volume:45L/min
  • Product size:31*14*24.5CM
  • Voltage and power:DC12V,180W
  • Maximum pressure:150PSI
  • Electrical Current:15A
  • Output Volume:35L/min
  • Product size:43.5*27.5*39cm
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Product Feature

High performance

Our Air Compressor Pump products deliver exceptional performance, ensuring efficient and effective operation in various applications.


With meticulous design and rigorous testing, our Air Compressor Pumps offer unmatched reliability, providing consistent and uninterrupted operation.


Built to withstand demanding conditions, our Air Compressor Pumps are made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and reduced maintenance.


Our Air Compressor Pump products are designed to cater to a wide range of industrial needs, offering versatility in their applications and adaptability to various environments.

Comprehensive testing

Our Air Compressor Pump products undergo thorough testing to ensure stringent quality control, including performance evaluations, endurance tests, and safety assessments.

Efficient production

With advanced production techniques and a streamlined manufacturing process, we efficiently produce Air Compressor Pumps to meet customer demands and delivery deadlines.


The quality of products can fully meet the CE/GS standard


We have a professional technical team to provide you with strong technical support; professional after-sales service team to make your order worry-free

An important manufacturing base for Air Compressor Pump in China--Altertool

We are a professional manufacturer with 20 years experience.There is a completed supply chain ofaccessories.

  • Received quickly and both were in very nice packages. My grandsons loved them. Thank you.

  • Excellent product and prompt delivery!

  • Order arrived quick. Item works well.

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Questions You Want to Know about Air Compressor Pump


This guide will focus on solving the problems you encounter when choosing a Air Compressor Pump~

How can I determine the right Air Compressor Pump for my specific needs?

Our knowledgeable team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect Air Compressor Pump based on your requirements. Simply reach out to our customer support team, and they will guide you through the process.

What is the warranty period for your Air Compressor Pumps?

We offer a comprehensive warranty for our Air Compressor Pumps, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. The specific warranty period varies depending on the model and type of pump, so please refer to the product literature or contact our customer support for details.

How do I maintain and service my Air Compressor Pump?

We provide detailed maintenance instructions and guidance in our product manuals. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning filters and checking oil levels, is essential for optimal performance. For any troubleshooting or specific maintenance inquiries, our customer support team is always here to help.

Can I get spare parts for my Air Compressor Pump?

Yes, we offer genuine spare parts for our Air Compressor Pumps to ensure their longevity and performance. Our customer support team can assist you in identifying and ordering the necessary parts, ensuring that your pump remains in excellent condition for years to come.

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