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  • Based on all over the world, provide OEM and ODM for many brands
  • CE/GS certification, IS09001 certification
  • The capacity ranges from 2T-100T, meeting various scenarios

Altertool Bottle Jack

Small size, easy to operate, suitable for trolleys. It adopts the principle of hydraulic pressure and is a vehicle-mounted lifting tool with the characteristics of convenient operation, safety, reliability, labor saving and strong mobility.

We will provide different design schemes according to your needs, if you need samples, we can also provide you with!

2T Hydraulic Bottle Jack


Min.Height: 148mm

Lifting Height: 80mm

Adjust.Height: 50mm

Max.Height: 278mm

2T Hydraulic Bottle Jack



Lifting Height:100mm



2T Hydraulic Bottle Jack



Lifting Height:100mm

Adjust.Heigh: 50mm


2T welding bottle jack



Lifting height: 90mm

Adjusting height:50mm


2T double-ram bottle jack


First lifting stage: 98mm

Second lifting stage: 92mm


2T Hydraulic Bottle Jack



Lifting Height:115mm

Adjust.Heigh: 50mm


3.2T screw bottle jack



Lifting Height:110mm



20T Hydraulic/air bottle jack





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Product Feature

small size

Small size, light weight, easy to carry, can solve your problems anytime and anywhere


High-strength high-quality low-carbon alloy steel, with high toughness and wear resistance






High-quality welding quality, no welding, broken welding, and beautiful welding seams


Passed the static and dynamic load test to provide you with a good product experience

Customize Logo,color, tonnage and so on……

We can provide you with customized services! Customize color, tonnage, and your logo and other personalized elements according to your requirements. Whether you need a specific color to match your brand or vehicle style, or you want your company logo to display on your product, we have you covered.

Our customized services match your brand image and requirements, and our team will create the ideal product based on your design and specifications.

All products produced will be professionally tested

We take the quality and safety of our products very seriously, and to ensure our products meet the highest standards, all products will undergo rigorous testing procedures.

During the testing process, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of bottle jack’s various functions. Including tests on load carrying capacity, stability, height adjustment performance and material durability. We use professional equipment and processes to simulate actual usage conditions to ensure that the products can be used in various application scenarios.


The quality of products can fully meet the CE/GS standard


We have a professional technical team to provide you with strong technical support; professional after-sales service team to make your order worry-free

bottle Jack
Source factory of bottle jack——Altertool

We are Liding comprehensive industry and trade company, the source factory of production, direct sales to the international market, reducing intermediate costs; adopt 100% full product inspection and testing

  • It takes very little effort to lift a lot of weight with this little thing. Worked way better than expected

  • I use this jack to repair my travel trailer tires. Leave the rv on this jack for almost a whole day and it stays well. Strongly recommended.

  • It takes very little effort to lift a lot of weight with this little thing. Worked way better than expected

Questions You Want to Know about Bottle Jack


This guide will focus on solving the problems you encounter when choosing a bottle jack ~

What is Bottle Jack?

The bottle jack is a type of hydraulic jack, mainly used to lift heavy objects in the vertical direction. It consists of a cylindrical body with a piston mechanism inside. Through the handle, hydraulic pressure is generated, the piston rises and lifts the load. Due to their compact size, high lifting capacity and ease of use, bottle jacks are commonly used in automotive repair, construction and industry.

What are the characteristics of the bottle jack ?

High lifting capacity: Typically ranging from 2 tons to 50 tons or more.
Compact and portable: Easy to carry and store.
Vertical lifting: Used for vertical lifting, as they are designed to extend in a straight line. This makes them ideal for tasks such as raising vehicles or supporting structures.
Adjustable height:Provide stability while lifting.
Hydraulic operation: The hydraulic mechanism ensures smooth and controlled lifting.
Durability and stability: Withstand high-pressure loads and ensures long-term durability. A wide base that enhances stability during lifting operations.
Easy of use: Simple to operate, requiring manual to generate hydraulic pressure. Built-in release valve to control the lowering speed and prevent sudden drops.

How do I choose the right bottle jack for my needs?

When selecting a bottle jack, consider the weight capacity required, the height range needed, and the specific application. It’s also important to ensure that the jack meets safety standards and is appropriate for the type of load you will be lifting.

Can bottle jacks be repaired if they become damaged?

In most cases, bottle jacks are repairable. Since hydraulic components and professional knowledge are involved, it is recommended to contact us in time.

Are bottle jacks suitable for all types of vehicles?

Bottle jacks can be used for various vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and trailers. However, it’s essential to check the weight capacity and lifting height requirements to ensure compatibility with the specific vehicle being lifted.

Can a bottle jack be used for long periods without losing hydraulic pressure?

Bottle jacks can hold their hydraulic pressure for extended periods. However, it’s advisable to periodically check for any leaks or issues with the jack’s seals and perform regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

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