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Altertool Ratchet jack

A Ratchet jack is a mechanical jack used to lift heavy objects or vehicles. The gear mechanism on the handle rotates the internal screw rod. When the screw rod moves upward, it will lift the top platform of the jack. When the handle is turned in the opposite direction, a gear mechanism holds the screw at its current height, locking the raised position.

We will provide different design schemes according to your needs, if you need samples, we can also provide you with!

TJLB2- 13015
TJLB2- 13015

Min.H: 70mm

Max.H: 725mm


Packing size:74*16*23cm

Pallet size:76*86*100cm

TJLB2- 13030
TJLB2- 13030




Packing size:76*20.5*23cm

Pallet size:76*106*110cm

TJLB2- 13050
TJLB2- 13050




Packing size:75*20.5*23cm

Pallet size:76*106*110cm

TJLB2- 13100
TJLB2- 13100




Packing size:83*26*30cm

Pallet size:86*106*112cm

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Product Feature

Thickened groove on the top

More sturdy and durable

Thickened base

High quality alloy, seamless welding

High-quality steel for the fuselage

Strong and wear-resistant, safe and thickened

Folding handle

Easy to operate, save space and easy to carry

Customize colors, styles, etc. according to customer requirements...

Our company has a specialized technical department that can design artwork according to customer requirements, and the factory will produce according to the artwork.


The quality of products can fully meet the CE/GS standard


We have a professional technical team to provide you with strong technical support; professional after-sales service team to make your order worry-free

An important manufacturing base for Ratchet jack in China--Altertool

The company has an automatic spraying line, the spraying is uniform, the thickness of the paint layer is consistent, and the surface is beautiful and durable.

  • I really like these. Now that they are in the shop I keep finding ways to use them. Nice and strong, easy to use, stable.

  • I often do little projects and I don’t have anyone to help me out. This is great as a helping hand. It can hold staff, lift a couch or a piece of other furniture or heavy equipment to help you get to a specific location. I’m not gonna use it frequently but when I need it, it will be really useful.

    It’s solid metal and it’s assembled well. Feels very sturdy and well made.

  • Well made and easy to use. Great addition to my arsenal of tools.

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Questions You Want to Know about Ratchet jack


This guide will focus on solving the problems you encounter when choosing a Ratchet jack ~

What is Ratchet jack?

A Ratchet jack is a mechanical jack, a tool used to lift heavy objects or vehicles.

How is Ratchet jack different from other jacks?

Ratchet jack uses a gear and handle mechanism to achieve step-by-step lifting and locking functions. This gives the user more precise control over lift height and is more secure when locked.

What scenarios is Ratchet jack suitable for?

Ratchet jack is widely used in automobile repair, building construction, stage construction and other fields. It can be used for tasks such as lifting vehicles, supporting structures, adjusting balance, and more.

How to use Ratchet jack safely?

Before using the Ratchet jack, make sure to choose a sturdy, stable support surface and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. During operation, pay attention to personal safety and avoid exposing body parts to dangerous areas.

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