TJLB2-13015 1.5T Ratchet Jack

1.5Ton Mechanical Ratchet Jack Hand Steel Jack
  • Min.H: 70mm
  • Max.H: 725mm
  • Packing:1pc/ctn,24pcs/pallet
  • Packing size:74*16*23cm
  • Pallet size:76*86*100cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:769pcs


The Ratchet Jack is a mechanical jack widely used in industry and is known for its stability and lifting capabilities.

Ratchet Jack adopts a gear mechanism and manual operation design, which can provide stable vertical lifting and can be locked at any height, making it difficult to fall.

Ratchet Jack is widely used in the installation, repair and maintenance of various equipment in industrial production. For example, in the automobile manufacturing industry, Ratchet Jack is often used to lift vehicles for maintenance; in construction, Ratchet Jack can be used to support and adjust building structures; in the machinery manufacturing industry, Ratchet Jack can be used to lift and install heavy Equipment. Its stable lifting capacity allows workers to work more safely and efficiently.

When using Ratchet Jack, you need to pay attention to choosing a model suitable for the workload and scenario, and strictly follow the instructions. Before use, check the work area to ensure it is flat and free of obstacles; always use appropriate supports to ensure safety during lifting. In addition, regularly check the working status of Ratchet Jack and perform lubrication and maintenance to ensure its normal operation.

In short, as a lifting and supporting equipment in the industrial field, Ratchet Jack has the advantages of stability and convenience, and is widely used in various industrial production scenarios. Choosing a suitable Ratchet Jack and following the precautions for use can effectively improve the efficiency and safety of industrial production and make a positive contribution to modern industrial production. Through the use of Ratchet Jack, we can install, repair and maintain equipment more conveniently, promoting the stability and development of the industrial field.

Product Details

Thickened rack

Strong steel, safe and durable

Thickened groove on top

Stronger and more durable

Automatic braking system

Thickened base

High quality alloy, seamless welding

What is Ratchet Jack?

Ratchet Jack is a mechanical jack mainly used for lifting and supporting equipment in the industrial field. It adopts the design of gear mechanism and manual operation, with stable lifting capacity and locking height function.

How is the Ratchet Jack different from a traditional jack?

Compared with traditional jacks, Ratchet Jack has a more stable lifting ability, can be locked at any height, and is not easy to fall. It also has a simpler and more convenient structure and operation method, making it widely used in industrial fields.

How big is Ratchet Jack’s ability to improve?

The lifting capacity of Ratchet Jack depends on different models and types. Generally speaking, its lifting height ranges from 5 inches to 30 inches, and its maximum load-bearing capacity can reach 20 tons.

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