TZJ03-1312 12T Jack Stand

Altertool Jack Stand High Grade Carbon Steel Adjustable 12t Jack Stands Jack Factory Direct Supply
  • Min.Height:515mm
  • Max.Height:765mm
  • Packing:1pair/ctn
  • Packing size:35*32*58cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:320pairs


When doing any work that requires lifting a vehicle, it is crucial to use appropriate support equipment, and one common and widely used tool is the Jack Stand. The Jack Stand is a reliable safety device used to stabilize and support vehicles, ensuring safety during work.

Benefits of using Jack Stand:

Provides Stable Support: The design of the Jack Stand enables it to provide a stable support function, ensuring that the vehicle does not drop or move unexpectedly while it is raised. This provides you with a safer and more reliable working environment.

Distributes the weight of the vehicle: The Jack Stand distributes the weight of the vehicle to the support columns, eliminating the risk of relying solely on a jack to support the vehicle. This takes the load off the jack while providing extra security.

Adjustable Height: The Jack Stand usually has an adjustable height feature, which makes it suitable for vehicles of different types and heights. You can raise or lower the support base to the desired position as needed to ensure safe and stable support.

Durable: Since the Jack Stand is usually made of solid metal, its durability is very high. Their ability to bear weight and withstand prolonged use has made them the tool of choice for many professional mechanics and car enthusiasts alike.

Product Details

Anti-rust spray paint

Anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment on the surface, smooth feel and not easy to scratch your hands


Solid cast iron rack, high hardness, multi-level adjustment, large load-bearing capacity

What is a Jack Stand? What does it do?

A Jack Stand is a tool used to support and stabilize a vehicle. Its function is to provide safe support when performing vehicle repair and maintenance work to avoid accidental lowering or movement of the vehicle.

How many Jack Stands do I need?

Each vehicle usually requires at least two Jack Stands. This is to provide double support to ensure vehicle stability and safety.

When using the Jack Stand, follow these steps:

1.Park the vehicle on a firm, stable surface and apply the handbrake.
2.Use a jack to raise the vehicle to the appropriate height.
3.Place the Jack Stand in appropriate locations on both sides of the vehicle, making sure it supports the vehicle securely.
4.Gradually lower the jack until the vehicle is fully supported by the Jack Stand.
5.Before carrying out repair or maintenance work, gently rock the vehicle to ensure its stability.

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