TWD24-7120 2T Floor Jack

Wholesale Floor Aluminum 2T Hydraulic Heavy Duty Floor Jacks
  • Min.Height:145mm
  • Max.Height:385mm
  • Package:1pc/Color box
  • Packing size:39*21*23cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:1500pcs


Floor jack is a common and practical car repair tool. It plays an important role in repairing, maintaining and replacing car parts. The ground jack provides powerful lifting force through the hydraulic system, so that the car can be easily lifted to a suitable working height, providing convenience and safety for maintenance personnel.

When using it, we first need to place the jack on a solid and stable ground to ensure its stability. Then, by operating the lifting rod, the hydraulic system starts to work, and the hydraulic oil is pushed into the hydraulic cylinder, thus generating a powerful lifting force. This allows the car to be easily lifted, giving maintenance crews a better working space.

Floor jacks are available in different load-bearing capacities, usually between 2 and 4 tons, to meet the needs of different types and sizes of vehicles. Whether it’s a small car, SUV, or truck, a floor jack can handle it and provide maintenance personnel with stable and reliable support.

Floor jacks not only play a role in car maintenance, but can also be used in other fields such as construction projects, machinery maintenance, etc. It can be used to lift and support heavy equipment, install members, or adjust components. Therefore, floor jacks have become a helpful assistant for workers in many industries.

Product Details

Arm height

Small stature, high travel

Small size

Compact and easy to carry, takes up no space

How to ensure safety when using Floor Jack?

You must always remain safe and follow proper operating procedures when using Floor Jack. When lifting the car, you must avoid standing under the car or extending part of your body under the car to avoid accidents. Before use, the condition of the Floor Jack should be checked, including the stability of the base and lift rods, and whether the hydraulic system is working properly. After use, it should be stored in a safe location and avoid putting pressure on the hydraulic system.

Does Floor Jack fit all models

Floor Jack can be applied to most car models, but the appropriate load-bearing capacity needs to be selected according to different car models. Some SUVs and vans may require a larger Floor Jack to lift safely.

Is Floor Jack easy to use?

Using Floor Jack is not complicated, but you need to follow the correct operating steps and precautions to ensure safety. If you’re not sure how to use a floor jack correctly, check the product manual or seek professional help.

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