TWD24-3730 3T Floor Jack

High Quality Floor Garage 3t Repair Lifting Jack Hydraulic Floor Jacks Low Profile Double Pump Floor Jack
  • Min.Height:75mm
  • Max.Height: 500mm
  • Lifting Height: 425mm
  • Package:1pc/ctn
  • Packing size: 76*38*19cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:500pcs


The floor jack is made of high-strength metal materials and solid structural design, and can easily lift cars weighing several tons. Whether you’re changing a tire, inspecting the chassis, or performing maintenance on the exhaust system, the floor jack can quickly and safely lift the vehicle, allowing you to perform repair work more conveniently.

The floor jack is easy to operate and can complete the lifting process in just a few simple steps. First, identify the appropriate lifting point on the vehicle and make sure the floor jack’s lift plate is firmly in contact with it. Next, use the floor jack’s hydraulic system to slowly lift the vehicle to the desired height. The floor jack’s stability and smooth performance provide extra security throughout operation. After completing the repair task, you only need to slowly lower the vehicle.

As a highly reliable tool, floor jack not only provides a convenient use experience, but also pays attention to safety. It adopts a number of safety designs, such as anti-slip pads, support columns and emergency valves to ensure stability and safety during the lifting process. In addition, it is durable and corrosion-resistant, allowing it to be used for a long time without quality issues.

Not only that, the floor jack’s portability is also unique. Its compact design allows you to easily place it in the trunk of your vehicle for easy access at any time. Whether you’re making repairs at home or need help on the roadside, floor jack is here to support you.

Product Details

Universal wheel

What is a floor jack?

A floor jack is a mechanical device used to lift heavy objects, usually consisting of a sturdy metal frame and a hydraulic system. It is widely used in automotive repair and maintenance tasks.

What are the common maintenance needs for floor jacks?

It is recommended to clean the surface and hydraulic system of the floor jack regularly to ensure its normal operation. At the same time, regular lubrication and inspection are required to ensure that all parts are in good working order. Also, avoid exposure to moisture or corrosive environments to extend the life of your floor jack.

What are the main uses of floor jacks?

Floor jacks are mainly used to lift vehicles for various car repair and maintenance tasks such as tire replacement, chassis inspection, exhaust system maintenance, etc. It provides users with a convenient and safe working platform, making bottom maintenance easier and more efficient.

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