TWD24-2825 2.5T Low profile floor Jack

Low Profile 2.5 Ton Hydraulic Car Floor Jack Lift CE Standard Heavy Duty 5000LBS Floor Jack
  • Min.Height:85mm
  • Max.Height:380mm
  • Lifting Height:105mm
  • Package:1pc/blow case
  • Packing size:61.5*24*15cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:1200pcs


Our floor jacks use advanced hydraulic technology to ensure powerful lifting power and stability. Whether you need to lift a car, SUV, or pickup truck, our floor jacks can meet your needs.

Using our floor jack is simple and easy. Simply place it under your vehicle and position the support arm where it needs to be lifted. Then, turn the handle and lift it until you reach the desired height. The sturdy base and stable design ensure your safety and enable you to complete various lifting tasks with ease.

Our floor jacks not only provide excellent performance, they are also durable and reliable. Carefully manufactured components and hydraulics guarantee long life and outstanding performance. Additionally, we recommend regular maintenance to ensure your floor jack is always in top condition.

Choose our floor jacks for your safety and convenience. We are committed to providing high-quality products and taking customer satisfaction as our highest pursuit. Stop worrying about heavy lifting! Choose our floor jack to make your work more efficient and easier!

Buy our floor jack today and experience superior lifting performance! Let our floor jacks become your right assistant in your work, bringing you a convenient, efficient and safe lifting experience!

Product Details

Oil plug

Rubber oil plug, good sealing

Handle design

Convenient and labor-saving

Pressure rod

Comfortable grip, excellent material

Which type of floor jack truck should you choose?

Generally speaking, hydraulic floor jacks are more suitable for home use, while pneumatic floor jacks are more suitable for professional maintenance sites. Also consider whether the floor jack’s minimum and maximum heights are appropriate for your usage needs.

Does the floor jack require regular maintenance?

Yes, floor jacks require regular maintenance, including lubricating moving parts, cleaning the surface of the jack, etc. At the same time, the stability and safety of the heavy lifting truck should be checked in time during use.

How to maintain safety on floor jack trucks?

When using a floor jack, you should follow the operating instructions to ensure that it is used in strict accordance with the rated load and avoid overload operation. In addition, regular inspection and maintenance are also important measures to maintain the safety of floor jacks.

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