TDJ94-5450 5T Electric Scissor Jack & Electric Wrench set

Portable Electric Scissor Jack Set 5 Ton All-in-one Automatic 12v Scissor Lift Jack with Impact Wrench
  • Max.capacity:5T Rated power:150W Voltage:DC 12V Max Current:20A
  • Lifting range:12-45cm
  • Wrench specification:
  • Operating Voltage:DC 12V
  • Max Current:15A Max.Torque:350N.M
  • Rated power: 150W
  • Package:1set/blowcase, 3cases/ctn
  • Packing size:54.5*42*35cm
  • Blowcase size:54.5*14*35cm


The 5t electric scissor jack is an excellent lifting tool that is highly praised for its excellent performance and reliable operation. Next, I will describe in detail the features and advantages of the 5t electric scissor jack, allowing you to better understand this efficient and stable lifting tool.

1.Lightweight and portable: Although the 5t electric scissor jack has powerful lifting capabilities, it is still designed to be lightweight and portable. The compact size and easy storage design make it portable and ready for use at any time. Whether in an emergency or for everyday use, it provides a convenient lifting solution.

2.Multifunctional application: The 5t electric scissor jack is suitable for a variety of scenarios and fields. Whether it’s in car repairs, construction sites or warehouse cargo handling, it’s up to the task of lifting. It can not only be used for the maintenance of small and medium-sized cars, SUVs and other transportation vehicles, but can also exert excellent lifting capabilities in construction projects, factory equipment maintenance and other fields.

3.Stable and reliable design: The 5t electric scissor jack adopts a sturdy and reliable design to ensure a safe and stable lifting process. It is equipped with multiple safety protection devices, such as overload protection and automatic shutdown functions, to effectively avoid accidents. In addition, the stable supporting feet and anti-slip design provide better stability and ensure safety during operation.

4.Efficient and fast operation: The 5t electric scissor jack adopts an electric drive system, which is simple and convenient to operate. Simply press a button to lift and lower quickly, without any effort. Its high lifting speed and precise control enable you to complete lifting tasks efficiently, saving time and energy.

5.Powerful lifting capacity: The 5t electric scissor jack has an excellent lifting capacity of 5 tons (5000 kg) and is suitable for various small and medium-sized load requirements. Whether in automobile repair, building construction or industrial equipment maintenance, it can easily handle various lifting tasks and provide you with strong support.

In conclusion: The 5t electric scissor jack has become an ideal lifting tool with its powerful lifting capacity, efficient and fast operating performance and stable and reliable design. Its versatile applications and lightweight and portable features make it popular in various fields. Choose a 5t electric scissor jack to allow you to easily cope with lifting challenges and improve work efficiency. Whether it is professional work or daily use, it is your right-hand assistant!

Product Details

Powerful motor with low power consumption

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Thickened steel structure

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Antioxidant coating can effectively prevent the oxidation reaction on the metal surface, form a protective film, and extend the service life of the metal material; it not only provides excellent protective performance, but also increases the aesthetics of the metal surface. It can provide a variety of color and gloss options, so that the metal structure has a good appearance while protecting it.

Can I get free sample?

For the first cooperation, we will charge the cost for the sample, but we can return the sample cost when you place the order for the mass production.

How can i get your catalogue?

Send an enquiry to us and tell us u need our catalogue,our sales will reply u within 12 hours with catalogue.

What about your service after sales?

You can contact us to tell the problems and shoot videos, then we can find out the problems about our machines, and we will reply you within 12 hours and help you to solve the problems.

Can you help me design or modified the products as we request?

We have a R&D capability and professional &efficient team, so custom service and OEM/ODM are welcomed. We will try our best to make it out as long as you have a good idea.

What advantages do you have?

1) We provide OEM& ODM service, specialized in Automotive Electronics industry more than 10 years experience.
2) Provide customized brand and package services.
3).Every product will be tested before shipment.
4). Suitable for 30 kinds of cars, over 150 models Automotive electronics product.
5). Have the best after-sales service and One-to-one 24 hours full-time service.

How can you guarantee quality?

With the certificate of CE, etc. We pay much attention on our product process control. Using high quality materials to ensure the good performance of the system, and carries out quality control tests for many times before delivery, so that the products can meet the requirements of automobile dealers .

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