When replacing tires, the correct way to use the jack

How to use a garage jack (floor jack) with hydraulic power to lift the body. Please do not use it on an undulating place, such as a dirt or gravel road, or on an unstable place, but on a stable and steady concrete place.

A place with a flat and easy to work space is best. First of all, if you leave space around the body, you can park around stable flat concrete even if you place a jack so you can drive easily. Once you park the car in a flat place concrete, turn off the engine and put the car in automatic transmission in P gear, manual cars are allowed to bite the gears are put off the engine in R placed in N, also the car both models please use the side brake so as not to move.


When jacked up place the parking brake so that the car does not move, side brake, and type by pressing the pedal type switch to take the foot, in electric expression, by hand some type of stretching the lever on the center console, the left side of said brake.

Check that the hydraulic valve is closed


Hydraulic moving floor jacks are always equipped with a release valve and must be tightened clockwise to release the hydraulic pressure and the arm will not lift. Tighten it to the right when raising the jack and turn it to the left when lowering the jack to lower the arm.


The first time you use it, it is best to lift the arm with the floor jack alone, open the release valve to the left, lower the arm, and then grab the knack.


Gently lift the arm and raise it according to the lifting point and make sure the jack is positioned perpendicular to the car. Then make sure it hits the apex and raises it to a workable height.


Tighten the release valve and lift the arm slightly to match the lift point Move the floor jack so that it goes between the cutouts in the armrest base, install the base and check again, then lift.


Adjust at this point so that the jack is perpendicular to the body. Please be careful if tilting occurs, as it may come off during tire replacement work.


Also, when wearing aero parts on the side, place the head of the jack on the jacking point only. If exposed to air, forces may be applied and may come off or be damaged.


When the tire change is complete, avoid the spare tire and open the release valve slowly


Be careful not to open the release valve all at once.


When you have finished changing the tire and lower your body to open the release valve to avoid, as with the spare tire, it being caught under the bodywork. Open the valve slowly at this point, don’t! Be careful not to get off vigorously.

Use a telescopic jack (car jack).


Jack is able to immediately increase the body beneficial, however, this does not constantly rise is a lot of cars keep at home because of the heavy and width take also. Check the use of pantograph jack (car jack) active, such as when you have to be on the road with a flat tire us.


Park on a flat place and put a side brake and put the wheel buckle to put the wheel bearing on one side brake, parking on a flat place is no different from the ground socket. Resolute side or apply the brakes, please do not forget to stop the wheels from both directions on the diagonal of the tire you want to increase.


It will be easier to work by manually raising it to a certain position until it hits the starting point of the car.


To raise the car jack, turn and rotate around the open part of the round hole. Since it is in a free state and has no body load, it can be rotated manually. Hold the body jack vertically, and if it touches the jack, it is ready.


Rotate the handle hole to the right, rotate the handle hole to the left, rotate the handle downward, and adjust the handle hole when rotating it upward to raise it too much.

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