What tools can be used to move the equipment?

With China’s purification engineering technology gradually into people’s view, many industries have implemented cleanroom purification engineering operations, such as: laboratories, food workshops, electronic workshops, biological and pharmaceutical plants, etc. This special environment has strict requirements for the indoor environment, so when handling equipment, the choice of tools is very important!

In the handling task, according to different types of goods and different geographical environment will use some manual handling aids, the reasonable use of some aids will greatly reduce the handling personnel labor, improve the efficiency, but also for the enterprise to reduce the cost of labor.

Forklift trucks are often used in the handling and loading of large objects in warehouses, and can load and unload, stacking and short-distance transport operations for pallets of goods, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is an indispensable vehicle for industrial handling. Because forklift trucks usually use fuel engine or battery as drive, so we divide forklift trucks into two kinds in general, one is electric forklift truck and the other is fuel forklift truck.

It is a kind of handling equipment that can replace the traditional handling tools with rollers. The weight of large equipment used in some factories is less than a few hundred pounds, more than tens of tons or even hundreds of tons, such “huge things” can not achieve the effect of handling by hand alone, when the required placement of narrow forklift can not complete the handling when the need to use the handling tank truck.

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned two artificially assisted handling loading and unloading tools there are other tools:

Air cushion handling vehicle (also called handling air cushion, air float handling vehicle, air cushion handling device, etc.) accessories are air cushion module, air regulator, main air pipe and sub air pipe.

Air cushion handling car with air source as the power, suspended ground handling, small pressure on the ground, and no need to look for lifting point installation, moving only need very little traction or thrust, can be in situ 360 ° rotation, positioning accurate, safe and environmentally friendly, very suitable for clean workshop equipment handling!

Second, the claw jack dust-free type: Japan Eagle custom dust-free claw jack, now authorized by Longhair lifting agent, a variety of models, the surface are not painted, nickel-plated treatment, the head and claw can be jacked!

In fact, clean room handling equipment can be used for lifting tools far more than these, and Trelleborg rubber lifting air cushion, made of special rubber to air as a power source without power operation, clean and environmentally friendly!

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