What tools are needed to repair motorcycles(2)

Screwdriver is also known as a screwdriver, screwdriver, screwdriver or knife, used to fasten or remove the screw. It has many types, the common ones are: according to the different shapes of the head, can be divided into two kinds of word and cross; according to the different materials and structures of the handle, can be divided into four kinds of wood handle, plastic handle, clip handle and metal handle; according to the form of operation can be divided into manual, electric and pneumatic and so on.

A word screwdriver, also known as a word screw, flat screwdriver, used to tighten or loosen the head of a word slot screw. A word screwdriver by the wooden handle, the body and the edge of the knife. Its specifications to the length of the body part of the knife, the commonly used specifications are 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm, etc., when using, should be based on the width of the screw groove to choose the appropriate specifications.


Crossed screwdriver is also known as cross slot screw spinner, crossed awl, mainly used to tighten or loosen the cross slotted screws, wood screws and self-tapping screws, etc.. Its specifications and a word screwdriver the same.

Hand hammer. Hand hammer, also known as dome hammer, as shown in Figure 1-54. One end of the hammer head plane is slightly curved, is the basic working surface, the other end is a spherical surface, used to strike the concave and convex shape of the parts. Specifications to indicate the quality of the hammer head, to 0.5 ~ 0.75kg of the most commonly used.


Hand pliers. Hand pliers are common tools for motorcycle mechanics, mainly carp pliers, wire pliers, sharp nose pliers, wire strippers, etc.

The front part of the carp pliers is flat and fine teeth, suitable for pinching small parts in general, the central notch is thick and long, for clamping cylindrical parts, but also instead of a wrench to spin small bolts, small nuts, the rear of the jaws of the edge can cut metal wire, due to a piece of pliers on the body of two mutually penetrating holes, and a special pin, so the operation of the jaws of the degree of opening can be easily changed to accommodate the clamping of different sizes of parts. It is the most used hand pliers in motorcycle maintenance operation. Its specifications to the pliers length to express, generally 165mm, 200mm two.

Wire pliers are a kind of clamping and shearing tool. Wire pliers from the pliers and pliers handle, the pliers include teeth, knife and side mouth. The teeth can be used to tighten or loosen the nut; knife jaw can be used to cut soft wire rubber or plastic insulation, can also be used to cut wire, metal wire; guillotine mouth can be used to cut wire, steel wire and other harder metal wire. Steel wire pliers support pin relative to the two-piece pliers body is fixed, so the use of flexible than carp pliers, but the effect of cutting wire than carp pliers. Commonly used specifications are mainly 150mm, 175mm, 200mm and other 3 kinds.

Pointed pliers are also called trimmer pliers. Because of its long and thin head, so it can work in a smaller space, with a sharp edge can cut small parts, when using the force can not be too much, otherwise the head of the jaws will be deformed or broken. Its specifications to the pliers length to say, the common specifications have 160mm one.


Wire stripping pliers are suitable for plastic, rubber insulated wire, cable core stripping. It is composed of knife, pressure line mouth and pliers handle, pliers handle with a rated working voltage of 500V insulation sleeve.

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