What to pay attention to when cleaning the car

Car washing is something that every car owner will do, but many people will ignore some details when cleaning their cars, although this cleaning makes the surface of the car look very clean, but some corners of the car may not be clean, and if you do not pay attention when cleaning, it is also easy to cause some damage to the paint, so what do you need to pay attention to when cleaning the car? Let’s take a look at the car cleaning knowledge!

1. Rearview mirror corner cleaning

No matter which car wash to go to, wash the car with clean water, rearview mirror corner is very easy to be ignored, many times the car will be washed, but the sewage still stays in the rearview mirror corner. Even if air-dried, the inside will be dirty. Of course, does not affect the normal use, so when cleaning must pay attention to this point, the corner of the place clean, in order to make their cars look cleaner.

2. Fender cleaning

Fender cleaning actually many people will not forget, but these two parts are easy to dirty, so the effect is not very obvious if you just do ordinary cleaning, so when cleaning the fender must pay attention to the details. The most important thing when cleaning the fender is to clean the inside, which is the best place to hide dirt. If you do not clean the fender near the car’s paint will corrode, and eventually damage the fender.

3. Door seal cleaning

For the car, the cleaning of the decoration is a meticulous work, cleaning is not good easy to produce odor, the driver and passengers also have a great impact, so the cleaning of the car decoration or very careful, the best way is to use professional foam agent for cleaning, but cleaning when the door seal seal is not too much attention, but the role is not small. If not carefully cleaned and maintained, over time will be aging. At that time cleaning will be more difficult. Replacement of the seal also requires a lot of energy and time.

4. Engine compartment cleaning

Many people think there is no need to clean the engine compartment, some people think that the engine compartment can be flushed with water, in fact, it is not reliable. First of all, the engine compartment does not need to be cleaned often. The best way is to clean it regularly, so that not only can avoid the accumulation of dust in the engine compartment, but also to slow down the aging rate of the circuit components. Of course, it’s really bad if the engine compartment fails to clean, so don’t clean it with a water gun. The right way is, after washing the car, if there is water on the edge of the hood, clean it up and just open the engine compartment to wipe off the surface with a clean towel.

These are some tips and knowledge about car washing, hope these contents will help you to clean your car.

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