What to pay attention to in the use of hydraulic jacks?

The hydraulic jack plays an important role in the lifting work in daily life and is well known to people. It is a lifting tool, with high quality, easy to use and many other advantages, at the same time, in order to extend its service life, to protect its excellent completion of work tasks, in the use of the process to pay attention to the following matters.

First, choose the right tool for the job

In the use of hydraulic jacks work, be sure to choose the right tonnage. This will guarantee that the tool can bear enough weight to carry out the work smoothly. Also according to the height of the work task to choose the right height of the tool, otherwise it is easy to cause the hydraulic jack stuck in the machine can not be taken out.

Second, before use to carefully check

Before using the hydraulic jack for work, should be carefully checked to check whether the tonnage of the product is appropriate, the height is appropriate, as well as whether the product has damage, to ensure that the tools in good condition will be wiped clean and put into use, so as to ensure that the work is safe and smooth.

Use such as the phenomenon of empty play, you can first relax the oil release screw on the pump body, the pump body vertical up head down a few empty play, and then tighten the oil release screw, you can continue to use.

When using, do not bias load or overload, so as not to damage the jack occurs dangerously. When there is a load, do not remove the quick connector to avoid accidents and damage to the machine.

Third, placed smoothly

Hydraulic jack in the work, should be placed in a stable place, can not appear tilted phenomenon, to prevent the heavy load because the jack tilt and fall down. This will be able to protect the integrity of the product, the successful completion of the task.

Fourth, multiple tools to unify the deployment

In the actual work process, because of the different weights, there may be a need for more than one jack to work together, then we must pay attention to the unified deployment of multiple jacks, to protect the balance of the weight, will not appear tilted.

Fifth, reasonable storage, regular inspection

In order to protect the integrity of the tool and extend its service life. After completing the work to put it indoors, not wind and sun, so as not to harm the machine. At the same time, to carry out regular inspections, in time to solve the problems that arise in the product.

Hydraulic jacks in the use of the process must be able to be careful, and must love the product to ensure that they work better, and can extend its service life.

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