What’s inside the car emergency kit(3)

7. Cotton non-slip gloves


Driving outside inevitably encounter the need for self-maintenance, such as tire replacement, engine inspection, etc., wear gloves not only to prevent hands from being dirty or hurt, but also anti-slip, making the work more convenient. Cotton yarn knitting, with drip rubber anti-slip particles, to provide a comfortable feel.

8. Tire repair tools

Features: Tire cold patching tape products, is the use of tire rolling to complete the vulcanization process and make the patching tape and tire firmly paste as one way of tire repair. This tire patching method is fast, convenient, reliable and safe, and has become a portable tire patching product commonly chosen by car owners.

9. Tire inflator (can set tire pressure, LCD display)

Digital LCD display can be set tire pressure pump.

Instructions for use:

1. low noise, small size, easy to operate. 2. fast inflation speed, adapt to a wide range. 3. accurate detachable digital display barometer. 4. can set the required air pressure value, automatic inflation and stop. 5. LED night lighting, SOS strobe light

1. In order to achieve the best results, start the engine to keep the battery in a saturated state. 2. Do not leave when the pump is connected to the car. 3. The inflatable pump must be cooled for 15 minutes after 30 minutes of continuous use. 4. To ensure correct inflation, please refer to the instructions of the device being charged, do not exceed the air pressure specified in the pump to prevent overcharging resulting in an explosion causing damage to people or property.

5. Do not stretch the power cord or inflatable line. 6. Keep using the British Standard calibration instrument to test the tire pressure. 7. each time before use, please check the product for signs of damage. 8. do not use damaged, melted, burned, wet and any parts of the inflatable pump damage. 9. do not use in the environment of flammable liquids or gases. 10. Please read the instruction manual carefully before use

Car first aid kit


First-aid kit: contains 13 kinds of 48 products. Used for the implementation of first aid measures in emergency situations, in order to maximize the time for first aid.


Product configuration


10 iodophor cotton swabs; 2 alcohol cotton swabs 10; 10 band-aids; 2 elbow band-aids; 1 triangular bandage; 1 disposable mask; 2 medical gauze blocks; 1 product list; 4 cleaning wipes; 4 insect repellent wipes; 1 cooling patch; 1 trauma protection patch; 1 outsourcing; first aid kit.

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