What’s inside the car emergency kit(2)

When finished starting the engine, you still need to remove the starter hitch wire in order, otherwise it will possibly cause a short circuit. The procedure for removing the wires is as follows.

(1) First remove the black wire of the ‘rescued car’.

(2) Then remove the black wire of the ‘rescue vehicle’.

(3) Then the red wire of the ‘rescue vehicle’ will be removed.

(4) Finally, remove the red wire of the ‘rescued car’.

4. Car fuse (6 pieces)

The role of the fuse is to protect the circuit (line) and electrical equipment, in the use of the vehicle occasionally found that the headlights do not light up or wipers no fault, we should first suspect that the fuse may be damaged. The general fuse of the headlight is 20A or 30A, the insurance of the cigarette lighter is 10A or 15A, and the insurance of the wiper is about 45A. Generally, the fuse box of the car is located under the steering wheel, and there are signs next to each fuse box, and there are spare fuses in the fuse box. This product is equipped with 6 spare fuses, including 15A*2, 20A*2 and 30A*2.

When replacing the fuse must be consistent with the original fuse specifications, not arbitrarily increase the current level of the fuse, and not to replace it with other conductive materials. If the fuse immediately blows again, indicating that the circuit has a short-circuit fault, to ask professionals to troubleshoot and then install the fuse, never use to increase the fuse specifications to deal with, otherwise it is very likely to cause a fire.

5. Emergency raincoat

In the case of rainy days or foggy wear, to prevent clothing or head patch wet. Harsh conditions can be used to provide insulation or wrap use.

6. Reflective undershirt

Wear it on the highway or at night, when seeking rescue or repairing a car, it can play the role of warning passing vehicles and gain safety. In addition, at night riding a bicycle or walking on the street can also be worn to ensure the safety of the warning.

Large size, both sides of the buckle can be adjusted to size, suitable for different body wearing. (Special note: most of the domestic highway without street lights, the sky is relatively dark or night to operate outside the car need to wear a reflective undershirt)

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