What jack is suitable for handling equipment?

Jack has always been indispensable in modern industrial manufacturing, whether it is outfitting operations or handling equipment, you need the right jack tool to assist.

Different performance jacks play different roles in handling equipment, such as jacking up the lifting height, the need to push laterally, the equipment body is too low, uneven weight of equipment left and right, and many other situations.


As the saying goes, what pot according to what cover, so what kind of jack suitable for our above-mentioned situation? Today, I would like to tell you what jack is suitable for handling equipment selection.


What jack is suitable for the low height of the equipment body.


Space restrictions are more suitable for the use of claw jack or low claw jack, more narrow environment can use ultra-thin jack or wedge jack. Specific styles can be imported lifting tools direct sales network to see, which jack information is complete.


In the case of the need to push laterally with what jack appropriate.

Standard vertical jack, is the vertical jack can be used laterally, the advantage is the unique internal design, the pressure handle when the hydraulic flow will increase, the operator more labor-saving.

If you think the manual hydraulic jack is too laborious, you can use a pneumatic claw jack, pneumatic claw jack collection of claw jack all the advantages also added a series of protection features. Through the gas drive, button control airflow output. Is a new type of claw jack.

1. claw jack claw part of the integrated molding, very strong and long service life; equipment hydraulic cylinder wall and spindle durable corrosion-free and sealed, thereby increasing its use of time; can automatically contract the equipment active spring. In the plant workshop handling equipment can often see its figure.

2. jack equipment small size, compact components, strong applicability; equipment weight is not large, easy to carry and excellent jacking operations; mainly used in warehouses, bridge construction, plant workshops, coastal docks and other places, especially in construction and transportation sectors also play an important role; Note: this equipment is not suitable for mixing acid and alkali and other corrosive gases in the environment.

3. Hydraulic jack types are more, mainly single-acting, double-acting, electric hydraulic jack, bridge synchronous jack, electric hydraulic jack, manual hydraulic jack. All kinds of jacks are made of 45 steel, piston rod hard chrome plating; piston welding copper; good sealing performance, stable performance. Due to the tonnage and various advantages of such jacks are more obvious, such jacks in bridge construction and other aspects of the most widely used.

Through the above several jack introduction, I believe that we have a preliminary understanding of the jack this lifting equipment, so that the customer selection jack also said to have a great help, can be faster and more accurate selection of an applicable.

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