What is the difference between wide and narrow tires?

When most consumers buy a car today, they are not as casual as before and will choose a suitable car from their own needs. Although the engine, as the heart of the car, is extremely important to car owners, the limbs of the car are ignored by many car owners.

Just like the tire size of the wide and narrow, these two have what kind of difference, are very worth to promote and research. After all, tires are also as an important part of the car, good quality tires are not only wear-resistant and resistant to drive, and grip each performance is very strong, like some unnecessary skidding accidents can be completely avoided. Here we will talk about what the difference between wide and narrow tires are.


Friction is different, because wide tires and ground contact area than narrow tires are also larger, subject to full gravity. In our driving process, the friction of wide tires is also very strong, not easy to skid, but also more conducive to safe driving, speed efficiency is very fierce.

However, fuel consumption will also increase, coupled with the deepening of friction, the tire noise in driving will also continue to increase. As narrow tires, although the contact surface with the ground is relatively small, friction ability can not be compared with wide tires. But the disadvantages of wide tires, so to speak, are the advantages of narrow tires, for example, more fuel-efficient than wide tires.

Like the Japanese car tires are generally narrower, but it is not that narrow tires are better than wide tires because they save fuel. Although lighter to drive, fuel consumption is also low, but compared to wide tires friction, handling and braking performance will seem a little less satisfactory. And also the stability of the whole car will be very poor performance, and drive up the impulse is more violent, less stable, so this narrow tires suffer more serious injury, more common is the family car.

As mentioned above, the wider the tire, the tread contact area with the ground will be larger, like lateral support and grip will be more superior. And in braking and cornering performance, can also give the owner a more comfortable experience. Generally this wide tire in the luxury car models will be used more often, like the off-road vehicle tires are generally wider.

That said, whether it is narrow tires or wide tires, there is no good or bad, only suitable or not, the key still depends on the quality, when changing tires, must be replaced in accordance with factory specifications, do not replace at will. When replacing the tires, remember to do dynamic balancing, because the coefficients of the tires if inconsistent, that in driving, that will affect our driving safety.

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