What can cause damage to a hydraulic jack?

In life, the hydraulic jack is a very common tool, but in daily use, due to improper use, resulting in damage to the jack! Hydraulic jack can be transferred through the liquid to obtain pressure to achieve the purpose of force change! So what causes damage to the hydraulic jack?

Hydraulic jack is the use of liquid as a common type of transfer pressure jack, jack if the seal problems may lead to leakage, which includes the hydraulic system seal selection and sealing design reasons.

Seal structure, the choice of seals is not reasonable, may directly affect the product sealing, leading to leakage of hydraulic / hydraulic system. In addition, ambient temperature, operating speed, load and ultimate load conditions should be taken into account when designing the seal.

It should also be noted that, as the use of the jack environment is often difficult to avoid dust and so on, should be designed for the seal to pay attention to the issue of dust, which will also help to prevent leakage.

Hydraulic jacks in many occasions is an important lifting equipment, daily should pay more attention to the maintenance of the jack, which can effectively reduce the damage to the components, extending the service life of the jack.

1. the seal quality is not good. Seal structure design is not reasonable, the material is not good, manufacturing process and poor precision, mold defects, defects in the trim lead to hydraulic jack damage.

2. storage, transportation and maintenance reasons. Storage overflow, improper humidity, the erosion of oxygen and ozone, stacking conditions are not appropriate, and improper maintenance leads to hydraulic jack damage.

3. poor manufacturing and assembly quality of accessories. Parts of the machining accuracy and surface roughness does not meet the requirements, processing methods are not reasonable, when the installation of seals through the sharp edges and threaded top, due to the lack of protection and damage to the lip of the hydraulic jack damage.

4. the structure of the design of accessories is not reasonable. Selected seals can not meet the working pressure, speed and temperature requirements, and oil media, environmental conditions are not compatible, the installation of seals groove design is not appropriate, the gap and compression amount of unreasonable choice, as well as not pay attention to anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, even pressure diversion, etc., are spouse parts design structure is unreasonable, leading to damage to the hydraulic jack when used.

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