What are the types and characteristics of scissor lifts

Scissor lift is divided into large scissors (mother and child type), small scissors (single scissors) lift

Is used in the automotive repair industry, automotive repair machinery. Driven by the hydraulic system lifting, also known as hydraulic lift, in the maintenance of automotive repair plays a vital role, the car overhaul and maintenance, are inseparable from the hydraulic lifter. Scissor lift for precision instruments, because of poor workmanship or poor design can easily lead to uneven table, unilateral lifting and other dangerous occurrences, most customers generally use the scissor lift for four wheel alignment instrument platform, the requirements are more stringent, so please do not want to cheap a couple of thousand dollars to buy immature products.

 Ultra-thin series of scissor lifts

No trenching, suitable for any repair shop, there are some floors are not suitable for the installation of two-column lift and ordinary four-column lift, and the machine and the floor contact surface, so that it can be installed in any floor above the drive, to solve the customer site problems. This type of machine is the future mainstream products, foreign large-scale use of this product.

Children scissor lifter features.

1. Beautiful model, double-layer hidden structure, superior synchronization performance.

2. The level is precisely adjustable, suitable for various high precision four-wheel positioning.

3. Easy for tire removal and chassis maintenance.

4. Front wheel corner plate (optional) position adjustable, extended rear wheel skid plate.

5. Pneumatic double tooth self-locking insurance and anti-tube explosion device, automatic opening of the descent, no oil super wear-resistant material sliding block.

6. Imported hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components, the equipment runs smoothly and reliably.

Scissor lift features.

1. Scissor hidden ultra-thin plate structure, easy to tire removal and chassis maintenance.

2. The starting height is 105mm, no need to dig a trench for installation.

3. With hydraulic interlock insurance and anti-tube explosion device, smooth and reliable operation, good synchronization.

4. Italian original hydraulic pump valve, imported electrical components.

Small scissors lift designed for fast repair shop and fast repair car beauty department and design, hidden type design does not occupy space to use.

Large shear flat lift features.

1. luxury scissors wide flat structure, synchronization performance is superior.

2. the level is precisely adjustable to fully meet the four-wheel positioning requirements.

3. hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic components, equipment running smoothly and reliably.

4. pneumatic double tooth self-locking insurance and anti-tube explosion structure, descending automatically open to ensure safety.

5. The ingenious and unique sliding system, the platform is compact, and also can not dig a pit.

6. The position of the front wheel corner plate (optional parts) is adjustable, suitable for various models.

Large shear (child and mother type), small shear (single shear) lifter, ultra-thin series lifter, small shear lifter is mainly used for car maintenance, high safety, easy to operate. It is level with the ground after digging the groove. Large shear lifter gushing out more, is the best equipment with the four-wheel alignment instrument, and can be used for car maintenance, tires, chassis overhaul. Can dig the groove, but also can be installed directly on the ground.

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