What are the common tools for car repair?

Auto repair tools include the following categories: 1. electrical repair tools 2. tire repair tools 3. lubrication equipment and tools 4. engine repair tools 5. body interior repair tools 6. chassis repair tools, etc.

Electrical repair tools mainly for battery repair, there are car battery pen, battery connection cable, battery charger, battery rust removal pliers, etc.

Tire repair tools mainly include jack, air cannon wrench, air cannon socket, tire wrench, tire patch, rubber cleaner, etc. Lubrication tools include grease gun, grease gun tube, grease gun nozzle, oil can, etc. Engine repairers have filter wrenches, belt wrenches, spark plug sockets, timing tools, piston ring pliers, etc.


Body interior repairers have sheet metal hammer, sheet metal lining iron, sheet metal shaping file and other sheet metal repair tools, panel removal tools, glass suction cups, glass seal tools, wood-handled scrapers, etc. Chassis repair workers have repair lying board, socket set (including ratchet wrench, socket, spinning socket, hexagon, extension rod, etc.), bearing puller, puller, brake repair tools, etc.


Jack, is an indispensable tool when changing tires, can be divided into rack and pinion, spiral, hydraulic jack 3, generally used hydraulic jack to lift cars and other heavy objects. Jack lifting force of 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, etc..

Usage: When using the jack, first tighten the switch, put the jack, the top part, press the handle, the weight will be jacked up. When dropping the jack, the switch slowly rotate open, the weight will gradually fall. Drop the jack, you should slowly twist the switch to facilitate the descent.

Engine hoist features: engine from the car to be lifted out of the crane, the crane has a hydraulic type activity crane, but also useful hinge hanger.

Usage: Use iron link engine hoist hook, lift out the engine with a crane arm, securely tie the engine body with rope or wire rope, or install a hoist ring on the cylinder head to lift it down or hoist it down. The engine should be lifted out with a protective cover, do not make the body damaged.

Grease gun features: grease gun is used to fill the machinery and equipment grease, by the oil nozzle, pressure valve, plunger, into the oil hole, piston rod and other components.

Usage: First turn the head of the gun away from the barrel, then pull the piston up to the top, and then insert the end of the open grease barrel into the tube, then re-rotate the head and barrel, pull up the piston and quickly put it down, and then shake the head handle to use the grease.

Engine overturning frame features: car engine overturning frame is a common equipment for car repair and maintenance, can be set on the overturning frame all the auxiliary facilities of the engine, engine overhaul, starting, fault setting and diagnosis, troubleshooting, etc..

Usage: First of all, the engine flip head from the flip frame motherboard removed; then the flip head fixed in the engine on the three process holes, with lifting equipment to lift the engine, up to the engine flip head motherboard assembly height slightly higher position; finally the engine flip frame motherboard and flip head together, adjust the upper and lower height, with bolts to fix the motherboard and flip head together, can be used.

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