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TZJ86-4703 3T Jack Stands

3 Ton Jack Stand Folding Portable Stands Car Jack Stands
  • Min.Height:260mm
  • Max.Height:400mm
  • Packing:1pair/inner box, 6pairs/ctn
  • Packing size:44*30*33.5cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:4000pairs


A Jack stand is a tool used for car repair and maintenance that provides extra support under the car to ensure the car remains stable when lifted. When performing tire replacement, brake repair, chassis repair and other work, using a jack stand can help you operate more safely.

When using a jack stand, you first need to lift the car and place it on a support point. The support points are usually the locations provided by the car manufacturer and can usually be found marked or marked on the underside of the car. Then, place the jack stand under the support point, adjust the height through the lifting column, so that the support rod is in contact with the bottom of the car, and lock the jack stand to ensure its stability.

In short, the jack stand is a very useful car repair tool, which can help you perform tire replacement, brake repair, chassis repair and other operations more safely. When using the jack stand, please be sure to follow relevant safety operating procedures to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Product Details

Folding design

Folding design

saves space, making these brackets perfectly retained in the vehicle for occasional use


equipped with locking safety pin

What are the benefits of using a jack stand?

Using a jack stand can provide additional stable support to ensure that the car remains stable when being lifted. This can increase work safety and avoid accidents.

How to determine the load-bearing capacity of the jack stand?

You can check the logo or product manual on the jack stand, which will indicate its load-bearing capacity. Make sure the jack stand you choose has a load-bearing capacity greater than or equal to the weight of your car.

What safety measures need to be taken when using jack stand?

When using the jack stand, be sure to operate it on a flat and solid ground and ensure that the jack stand is in a stable state. During operation, do not shake or move the vehicle to prevent the jack stand from losing balance.

Can other supports be used instead of the jack stand?

It is not recommended to use other supports to replace the specially designed jack stand. Other supports may not have sufficient stability and reliability, posing safety risks.

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