TZJ86-1703M 3T Jack Stands

 Factory Direct Supply 3ton Jack Stand Pair High Grade Carbon Steel Car Transmission Jack Stand
  • Min.Height:275mm
  • Max.Height:415mm
  • Packing:1pair/box,6bxes/ctn
  • Packing size:66*41.5*34.5(6pairs)
  • Qty for 20’ft:1824pairs


A car jack stand is a vital tool that provides solid support and ensures safety during repairs. Jack stands are a vital tool when performing tire changes, brake system repairs, or any other operation that requires lifting your vehicle.

When using a car jack stand, you must first choose a suitable location to place the jack stand under the vehicle chassis. Then, make sure the stand is supporting the vehicle securely and is on solid ground. When using multiple jack stands, make sure they are evenly distributed under the vehicle chassis to ensure the entire vehicle is firmly supported.

Check and maintain your car jack stand regularly, and if any problems are found, stop using them immediately and have them repaired or replaced.

Product Details

Multi-position ratchet bar allowing for quick height adjustments

Dual purpose handle serves as carry handle and saddle column release

Wide pyramid foot base provides added strength and stable support

When using a car jack stand, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Use your car jack stand on solid ground and avoid using it on soft soil or unstable surfaces.
Follow the manufacturer’s guidance and recommendations, including maximum weight capacity and usage.
Use multiple car jack stands for added stability, especially for larger vehicles or lengthy repair jobs.

Where should I place my car jack stands?

Car jack stands should be placed on a sturdy frame or support point on the vehicle’s chassis, not on plastic parts or other unstable surfaces on the vehicle’s chassis.

How many car jack stands do I need?

Typically, at least two car jack stands are needed to provide stable support, especially when doing larger repairs. Some people even opt for four jack stands to ensure greater stability.

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