TZJ86-1303M 3T Jack Stands

3 Ton Jack Stands Truck Lift Jack Stand with Pad for Car
  • Min.Height:275mm
  • Max.Height:415mm
  • Packing:1pair/box,6bxes/ctn
  • Packing size:66*41.5*34.5(6pairs)
  • Qty for 20’ft:1824pairs


When it comes to car repairs and maintenance, the Jack Stand is a vital tool that plays a key role in providing safe support. Whether performing tire changes, chassis maintenance or other tasks that require lifting the car, the Jack Stand plays an indispensable role.

Jack Stands are usually made of solid metal materials, such as steel, to ensure their load-bearing capacity and stability. It adopts a tripod structure design, which can provide better balance and stability. When using the Jack Stand, you first need to use a jack to lift the car to an appropriate height, then place the Jack Stand under the recommended support points, and gradually lower the car to ensure that the car is firmly supported on the Jack Stand.

Choosing the right Jack Stand is very important. Users should choose the appropriate carrying capacity and height range based on the car’s weight and required height. Make sure the Jack Stand you choose can safely bear the weight of your car and meet the required height requirements. A Jack Stand with reliable quality and stable structure is also crucial to ensure safety and reliability during use.

However, there are some key safe operating principles that must be followed when using the Jack Stand. First, make sure the Jack Stand is placed on a stable surface to maintain its stability. Second, when using a jack to lift your car, always use additional safety supports such as tire chocks or other supports for added safety. Most importantly, use the Jack Stand strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidance and recommendations and ensure it is positioned and secured to the car correctly.

Product Details

Labor-saving handle

Labor-saving handle

Comfortable feel, simple operation, worry-free and labor-saving

Load-bearing foot pads

Thickened and larger load-bearing foot pads

Load-bearing foot pads
How to place Jack Stand correctly?

Before using the Jack Stand, you first need to lift the car to the appropriate height, and then place the Jack Stand under the recommended support points. Typically these support points are strong frame locations on the vehicle chassis. When placing the Jack Stand, make sure it can firmly support the entire vehicle and not slide easily.

Does the Jack Stand require regular maintenance and inspection?

Yes, the Jack Stand also requires regular inspection and maintenance to ensure its proper operation and safety. Including checking whether its structure is intact, whether the bolts are loose, whether the surface is rusted and corroded, etc. If any damage or abnormality is found, use should be stopped immediately and repaired or replaced.

Can I use the Jack Stand on soft ground?

It is not recommended to use the Jack Stand on soft ground, as soft ground may cause the Jack Stand to lose stability, thereby increasing the risk of accidents. It’s best to use the Jack Stand on solid ground, or use an appropriate pad on soft ground to increase the support area.

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