TZJ86-1106 6T Jack Stands

High Quality Altertool Bottle Jack Stands 6Ton Adjustable Anti Slip Gear Sleeve Jack Stand
  • Min.Height:360mm
  • Max.Height:585mm
  • Product size: 270*240*340mm
  • Packing:1pair/inner box,3pairs/ctn
  • Packing size:77*31*44cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:799pairs


    Jack stand is a tool that provides extra support and stability during car repairs. It ensures the car remains stable when lifted and provides a safe working environment for tire changes, brake repairs, chassis maintenance and more.
When using a jack stand, we need to follow key steps and safety procedures. First of all, when selecting support points, we need to check the vehicle owner’s manual or the markings on the vehicle chassis to determine which positions are safe support points. Then, we need to place the jack stand under the support point and adjust the height through the lifting column so that the support rod is in contact with the bottom of the car. Finally, we need to ensure that the locking device of the jack stand is securely locked to prevent accidental movement or collapse during work.
When choosing a jack stand, we also need to consider some key factors. The first is the load-bearing capacity. We need to choose a jack stand whose load-bearing capacity matches the weight of the car to ensure that it is strong enough. Secondly, the height adjustment range. We need to choose a jack stand that can adjust the height according to the work required and the height of the car. The last thing is quality. We need to choose a jack stand with better quality to ensure that there will be no safety problems during use.

Product Details

Robot welding

Robot welding

Smooth solder joints, no false soldering

Labor-saving handle

Simple and worry-free operation

Labor-saving handle
Why is it necessary to use a jack stand when performing car repairs?

Using a jack stand can provide extra support and stability, ensuring the car remains balanced and safe when being lifted. It can help us perform tire replacement, brake repair, chassis maintenance and other operations while reducing the risk of accidents.

What are the safety considerations when using a jack stand?

1.Make sure the work site is flat, solid, and away from traffic areas.
2.Do not use the jack stand on wet or unstable ground to avoid sliding or tilting.
3.During operation, do not shake or move the vehicle to prevent the jack stand from losing balance.

What is the difference between a jack stand and a car jack?

Jack stand and car jack are two different tools. A car jack is used to lift the car, while a jack stand is used to support the car. In contrast, the jack stand is more suitable for supporting the car for a long time because it provides a more stable support point.

Is the jack stand suitable for all types of cars?

Yes, the jack stand is suitable for all types of cars, including cars, SUVs, trucks, etc. However, to ensure safety, it is recommended to choose a suitable jack stand based on your car type and weight.

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