TZJ60-5702 2T Jack stands

2 Ton Adjustable Height PinHandle Locks Car Van Caravan Repair Vehicle Support Jack Stand with CE GS
  • Min.Height:265mm
  • Max.Height:365mm
  • Packing:5pairs/ctn
  • Packing size:84*24*33cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:4700pairs


Car Jack Stands: An Essential Tool for Safe Car Repairs

    As people’s demand for car repairs and maintenance increases, car jack stands are tools used to fix the car in a lifted state. Its main function is to provide additional support and safety. After the car is lifted by the jack, use brackets to support the vehicle firmly to prevent accidental lowering and ensure the safety of maintenance personnel and the vehicle.

Choosing the right car jack stand is very important. When choosing, you need to consider the weight and height of the vehicle, the load-bearing capacity of the bracket, and your own use needs.

Safe use of car jack stands is also crucial. Before use, make sure the work area is flat and stable, and use tire blocks or other means to secure unlifted wheels. Place the car jack stand on the manufacturer’s designated support point and make sure the stand is fully open and locked. Slowly lower the car jack until the weight of the vehicle is fully supported by the stands. During vehicle repairs, make sure the bracket is in a stable position; if you need to crawl under the vehicle, use additional safety support measures, such as safety mats or support wood. After the repair is complete, carefully lower the car jack, slowly lower the vehicle to the ground, and then remove the bracket.

In short, the car jack stand plays a very important role in the car repair and maintenance process. It provides the necessary support and safety for lifting the car.

Product Details

Safety latch

What are car jack stands?

Car jack stands are essential tools used to support a vehicle after it has been lifted by a jack. They provide a stable and secure base for the vehicle to rest on during maintenance or repair work.

How do I choose the right car jack stands?

When selecting car jack stands, consider factors such as weight capacity, lift range, and material construction. It’s important to choose stands that can safely support the weight of your vehicle and are suitable for the intended application.

Are there any precautions I should take when using car jack stands?

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using jack stands. Regularly inspect them for any signs of wear or damage, and never exceed their weight capacity. Additionally, ensure the vehicle is stable before starting any work underneath it.

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