TZJ13-9310 10T Jack Stand

Sturdy and Durable Heavy Duty 10 Ton Pin Type Jack Stand High Position Adjustable Stand Stable Stand Jack for Heavy Equipment
  • Min.Height:720mm
  • Max.Height:1190mm
  • Packing:1pc/ctn
  • Packing size:45*45*80cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:155pcs


Jack stand is always of the utmost importance when performing car repair and maintenance work.

Part 1: The function and design principles of car jack stand
The car jack stand is a safety device used to stabilize and support vehicles to ensure safety during work. It usually consists of a pair of metal support columns and a height-adjustable support base. Support columns are made of high-strength steel to bear weight and provide stable support. The support base can be raised or lowered on the support column as needed to accommodate vehicles of different heights. The design principle of the jack stand is very simple and effective, and can provide stable support function to prevent the vehicle from accidentally falling or moving.

Part 2: The importance of car jack stand

Provide stable support: The car jack stand can stably support the vehicle to ensure that no accidents occur when it is elevated. It provides maintenance personnel with a safer and more reliable working environment.

Distribute the weight of the vehicle: Using a car jack stand can distribute the weight of the vehicle to the support column, avoiding the risk of relying solely on a jack to support the vehicle.

Adjustable height: Car jack stand usually have an adjustable height function and are suitable for vehicles of different types and heights. By raising or lowering the support base, you can ensure safe and stable support as needed.

Durable: Since car jack stand mounts are usually made of solid metal, their durability is very high. Their ability to bear weight and withstand prolonged use has made them the tool of choice for many professional mechanics and car enthusiasts alike.

Part 3: Safety precautions for using car jack stand

Choose the right load capacity: Make sure the car jack stand you choose has enough load capacity to handle the weight of the vehicle you want to lift. Do not exceed its maximum load limit.

Place it firmly: Before using the car jack stand, make sure it is placed firmly on a solid and flat ground to ensure that the support column can support the vehicle securely.

Double support: It is best to place the car jack stand on both sides of the vehicle to provide double support and ensure greater stability.

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: If a higher level of work is required or more support points are required, additional car jack stand are available to ensure vehicle stability and safety.

Product Details

Hole positions

Multiple hole positions in the support tube make the pin height adjustment fast and convenient.


The height adjustment pin is connected to the support to prevent loss

What is the function of car jack stand ?

The function of the car jack stand is to provide stable support for the car, distribute the weight of the vehicle and ensure safety during repairs. They prevent the vehicle from accidentally lowering or moving, providing a safer working environment for maintenance personnel.

How to correctly choose a car jack stand ?

When selecting a car jack stand , you need to consider the weight and height of the vehicle to ensure that the chosen mount has sufficient load capacity and adaptability. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the material and manufacturing quality of the stand to ensure its durability and reliability.

What safety matters need to be paid attention to when using a car jack stand ?

When using a car jack stand, you need to ensure that the stand is placed firmly on a solid and stable ground, choose an appropriate load capacity, double support for added stability, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety recommendations.

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