6 Ton Jack Stand

Simple To Operate Heavy Duty 6t Jack Stand High Grade Carbon Steel Adjustable Heat Treated Chains Stand Jack with Steel Safty Pin


  • Min.Height:400mm
  • Max.Height:585mm
  • Packing:2pairs/ctn
  • Packing size:58*50*44.2cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:900pairs
  • 9.5Kgs


[Beneficial to your car] light Jack bracket is used to support your vehicle after lifting with Jack. The high jack support can operate a variety of vehicles, including small cars, SUVs and light trucks.

[High quality stable support] the ratchet rod of automobile jack bracket is forged with nodular cast iron, thickened and forged as a whole, which is not easy to break, and is equipped with anti-skid sleeve to prevent scratching the automobile. The triangular base is made of high-quality carbon steel and adopts industrial welding, which is close fitting, firm and stable. Wide foot pads prevent dents on the ground caused by the jack support. Electrostatic spraying process provides a good finish.

  • [Double insurance] double lock mechanism with handle lock and movable pin makes you feel at ease. The multi position ratchet lever adopts serrated design, which can quickly adjust the height and lock in place.   : when the lock cannot pass through the insertion hole, just gently lift the ratchet rod to pass smoothly.
  • [Large bearing capacity] the lifting capacity of heavy jack support is 6 tons (12000 pounds); The saddle has a large surface area to better contact the supported load.
  • [Safety first] the car jack bracket is equipped with a detachable locking support pin to provide additional safety, which can improve the safety by 200%! The wide pyramid sole provides additional strength and stable support!

Product Details

Easy to operate

Dual purpose handle serves as carry handle and saddle column release

Double lock is more secure

Equipped with a double lock protection feature that increases safety by 200%

Multi-position ratchet lever

Multi-position ratchet bar has a sawtooth design, allowing for quick height adjustments that lock into place

The base is more stable

Wide pyramid foot base provides added strength and stable support

What factors need to be considered when installing Jack Stand?

When installing the Jack Stand, you need to consider factors such as location selection, screw tightening, and weather resistance.

How to ensure the stability of the Jack Stand?

The screws can be tightened to ensure the stability of the Jack Stand and prevent it from shaking or being unstable.


How to maintain the Jack Stand that is exposed to the outdoors for a long time?

Jack Stand that are exposed to the outdoors for a long time require regular inspection and maintenance to prevent weathering and oxidation from reducing the structural strength.

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