TZJ03-2306 6T Jack Stand

Simple to operate Heavy Duty 6t Jack Stand High Grade Carbon Steel Adjustable Heat Treated Chains Stand Jack with Steel Safty Pin
  • Min.Height:400mm
  • Max.Height:585mm
  • Packing:2pairs/ctn
  • Packing size:58*50*44.2cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:900pairs


When performing car repairs and maintenance, the Jack Stand, as a height-adjustable stand, provides a stable and reliable support for car lifting and is one of the important tools to ensure the safety of repairs.

First of all, the function of the Jack Stand is to support the car so that it can be suspended stably in the air for repair, replacement of parts or other maintenance work.

When choosing, you need to consider the weight and height requirements of the car, as well as the height adjustment range to meet different maintenance needs.

Before use, you need to ensure that the car is on a stable ground, and then use a jack to lift the car until it is at an appropriate height from the ground.

When Jack store, place it in a dry, ventilated place and avoid contact with moisture and corrosive substances.

Product Details

Safety latch

Prevent the stand from falling and increase safety

Thick handle

Fine workmanship and more durable

How to ensure the stability of Jack Stand?

Purchase a Jack Stand of reliable quality. Before use, carefully check the parts and connection points of the Jack Stand to make sure they are not damaged or loose.

Does the Jack Stand meet safety standards and certification requirements?

Comply with national or regional safety standards, quality certification, and pass ISO 9001 and other quality management system certifications to ensure that its production process meets quality management standards. Products should be clearly labeled, including product model, load capacity, manufacturer information, etc., and equipped with detailed instructions for use.

Does the Jack Stand come with any additional safety features?

Some Jack Stands are designed with additional locking pins or locking devices to ensure that the support pole is locked at the correct height to avoid accidental lowering or sliding. The support base may be designed larger to provide a wider support area, thereby increasing stability and reducing pressure on the ground. Adding non-slip rubber pads to the support base and base can provide additional friction to prevent the Jack Stand from sliding during use.

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