6 Ton Jack Stand

Cheap Heavy Duty High Grade Carbon Steel Jack Stands 6Ton Adjustable Anti Slip Gear Sleeve Jack Stand One Pair for Car Repair 


  •  Min.Height:400mm
  • Max.Height:585mm
  • Packing:2pairs/ctn
  • Packing size:58*50*44.2cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:900pairs
  • 9Kgs


  • Lightweight jack support is used to support the vehicle after lifting the vehicle with jack; The wide pyramid sole provides additional strength and stable support
  • The car is made of high-quality forged steel, and the frame is of welded design, which is durable and can drive all kinds of vehicles, including cars, SUVs and trucks
  • Load capacity of 6 tons (12000 pounds)
  • The multi position ratchet lever adopts serrated design, which can quickly adjust the height and lock it in place
  • Have a large saddle surface area to better contact the supported load

Product Details

Enough Base Support

Wide pyramid foot base of jack stand provides more strength and stability

Perfect welded

Complete welded frame design for enough strong and smooth

Hand self-locking

Lift the handle to the right height,then let go to automatically lock position,easy to operate

Sawtooth Design

Ratchet bar with ductile iron is designed as sawtooth style for random adjustment

How to deal with the rust prevention problem of Jack Stand?

Proper anti-rust treatment is required to increase the service life of the Jack Stand.

What safety matters need to be paid attention to when installing Jack Stand?

When installing the Jack Stand, be sure to use appropriate accessories and tools to ensure safe operation.

How to check Jack Stand regularly?

Regularly inspect the Jack Stand to ensure structural integrity and repair loose screws and other looseness.

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