TWDEA-3130 3T Low profile floor Jack

HOT Selling Floor 3t Hydraulic Car Garage Black Jack Double Pump Floor Jack
  • Min.Height:75mm
  • Max.Height: 505mm
  • Lifting Height: 428mm
  • Package:1pc/ctn
  • Packing size: 72.5*37.5*21cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:500pcs


A floor jack, also known as a floor jack, is a common tool used to lift cars or other heavy objects. It usually consists of a large metal frame and a hydraulic system that can easily lift heavy objects to the desired height.

Using a floor jack can provide a lot of convenience when it comes to car repairs and maintenance. When we need to change a tire or inspect the chassis, simply place the floor jack in the correct position under the vehicle and use the handle to lift it up. Once the necessary work is completed, we can slowly lower the vehicle by operating the handle and remove the floor jack.

The floor jack is also designed with several safety features to ensure stability and reliability during use. For example, they are often equipped with anti-skid pads and strong struts to prevent the vehicle from tilting or moving at high places. Additionally, some floor jacks have automatic limits that ensure they are not overloaded or overused.

A floor jack is a very useful tool that provides a lot of convenience in car repairs and maintenance. Whether you are a professional technician or a DIY enthusiast, it is one of the must-have tools.

Product Details

Universal wheel

Anti-slip support head

Lifting is fast and stable, and the service life is longer

What types of vehicles can Floor Jack be used to lift?

Floor Jack can be used to lift various types of vehicles, such as cars, SUVs, pickups, and light trucks. The appropriate Floor Jack needs to be selected based on the weight and size of the vehicle.

Will the Floor Jack support the vehicle for a long time?

It is not recommended to support the vehicle on the Floor Jack for an extended period of time as this may cause the Floor Jack to lose stability and affect its performance and safety. It is recommended to use a support stand or other stabilizing device to ensure safety when using the Floor Jack for repairs or tire replacement.

Can Floor Jack be used for outdoor repairs?

Floor Jack can be used outdoors, but be careful to choose a solid and flat ground and try to avoid using it on soft mud or unstable surfaces. When using it outdoors, special attention should be paid to safety and ensuring that there are no obstacles or other threats around the work area.

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