TWDCP-1416 1.6T Floor Jack

Factory Direct Sale 1.6T Car Floor Jack Hydraulic Vehicle Jack Professional Manual Hydraulic Floor Jacks for Car
  • Min.Height:135mm
  • Max.Height:315mm
  • Lifting Height: 150mm
  • Package:1pc/blowcase
  • Packing size:45*22*15mm
  • Qty for 20’ft:1800pcs


A floor jack is an indispensable tool when performing car repairs, tire replacement, or other chassis work. It provides great convenience to car owners and car mechanics with its stable structure and convenient operation.

The principle of a floor jack is simple: using the power provided by the hydraulic system, the vehicle is lifted and suspended stably above the ground to facilitate maintenance and replacement of parts. It usually consists of a base, a hydraulic cylinder, a handle and a pallet. The base provides stable support, the hydraulic cylinder provides lifting force through the operation of the handle, and the pallet is used to support the chassis of the vehicle. Floor jacks are usually made of steel and have strong load-bearing capacity and stability.

The steps for using a floor jack are relatively simple, but you need to pay attention to safety. First, make sure the vehicle is parked on flat, solid ground, and then find a suitable place for support under the vehicle. Next, place the floor jack on the ground and make sure the base is in firm contact with the ground. Then gradually operate the handle to lift the vehicle to a sufficient height for repair or replacement work. Once completed, slowly lower the floor jack so the vehicle lands smoothly.

When choosing a floor jack, you need to consider the weight of the vehicle and choose a model with sufficient load-bearing capacity. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the quality and stability of the product to ensure that it is safe and reliable during use. There are many brands and models of floor jacks available on the market at different prices, allowing consumers to make a choice based on their needs and budget.

Product Details

Thick piston rod

Strengthen load-bearing, safer and more labor-saving

Thickened steel plate

Strong and thick, stronger load-bearing capacity

How big of a Floor Jack do I need?

You need to choose the correct type and size of Floor Jack for your vehicle’s weight and support points. Check your vehicle’s manual for weight and support point requirements.

What safety matters need to be paid attention to when using Floor Jack?

First, the correct type and size of Floor Jack must be used to accommodate the weight and support points of your specific vehicle. Secondly, before using the floor jack, you must ensure that the base is in firm contact with the ground to prevent accidental sliding or tilting. Most importantly, caution must be exercised when using a floor jack to avoid any possible injury or accident.

Can I perform car repair work myself?

It depends on your experience and skill level. If you are not sure whether you are skilled enough to carry out the repair work, you should seek help from a professional technician. If you plan to perform repair work yourself, be sure to follow safety rules and always be careful.

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