TWDCP-1108 1T Floor Jack

Hot Selling Floor Jacks Garage Hydraulic Lifting Aluminum Jack Heavy Duty Portable Quick High Liftingt Car Floor Jack
  • Min.Height:140mm
  • Max.Height:300mm
  • Lifting Height: 150mm
  • Product size:41*18.5*13cm
  • Package:1pc/color box
  • Packing size:39.2*20.5*14mm
  • Qty for 20’ft:2500pcs


A floor jack is a very useful tool when it comes to vehicle repairs, tire changes, and other tasks that require lifting your vehicle. It is a mechanical device that provides stable support and powerful lifting capabilities, allowing you to easily lift your vehicle and perform necessary repairs.

Here are the basic steps for using a floor jack:

Choose the right location: Make sure the work surface is hard, level, and has no obstructions impeding the movement of the jack.

Place a floor jack: Place a floor jack where the vehicle needs to be lifted, usually a reinforced point or recommended lifting point on the underside of the vehicle. These points can usually be found in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Test stability: Verify that the floor jack is securely positioned and making good contact with the vehicle. Make sure the floor jack is level to prevent tipping or instability.

Pump hydraulic system: Use the jack handle or foot pedal to press the lifting rod and pump the liquid into the hydraulic system. Continue pumping until the vehicle reaches the desired height.

Performing Repairs: After making sure the vehicle is stable, you can perform the required repairs. Please remember to always follow relevant safety procedures and keep your body and hands away from under the jack.

Lower the vehicle: After completing the repair work, slowly turn the jack handle or foot pedal to return the fluid to the fuel tank and slowly lower the vehicle.

A floor jack is a powerful and useful car repair tool that makes it easy to lift your vehicle and make necessary repairs. When using a floor jack, follow proper operating procedures and safety procedures to keep you and your vehicle safe. By properly using and maintaining a floor jack, you can make vehicle repairs convenient while greatly reducing physical labor and safety risks.

Product Details

Sturdy boom

Ensure the safety and stability of the jack during lifting and lowering

Steel tires

Excellent steel, strong and thick, flexible in movement and strong in endurance

Handle design

Convenient and labor-saving

Oil plug

Rubber oil plug, good sealing

What vehicles are floor jacks suitable for?

Floor jacks are suitable for most vehicles, including cars, SUVs, vans and minibuses. However, different floor jacks have different lifting capabilities and height requirements, so make sure you get one that matches your vehicle before purchasing.

 How do you determine the lifting capacity of a floor jack?

The lifting capacity of a floor jack is usually labeled in tons. You can find your vehicle’s weight information in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or in the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. When choosing a floor jack, look for a model with a lifting capacity slightly higher than the weight of the vehicle to ensure safe use.

Do floor jacks require regular maintenance?

Yes, it is important to maintain your floor jack regularly to ensure its safety and reliability. You should regularly check the hydraulic system, rods and support platforms for wear and clean and lubricate as necessary. If any wear or failure is found, replace the parts promptly.

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