TWDAD-1520 2T Floor jack

Factory Supply Car Lifting Tools 2 Ton Low Profile Rapid Floor Jack Suitable For Using In 4S Garage Shop Can Be Used Frequently
  • Min.Height:135mm
  • Max.Height:380mm
  • Product size:54*22*16cm
  • Package:1pc/color box
  • Packing size:56*23*17cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:1300pcs


A floor jack is a common car repair tool that is used to lift the entire car so technicians can more easily perform repairs, maintenance, and tire replacement.

The ground jack is very convenient to use, just place it on a solid and stable ground, insert the lifting rod and rotate the handle to start lifting the car. When the car is raised to the required height, a support plate can be used for support to ensure that the car does not fall or move during repairs.

In addition to being convenient and practical, floor jacks have many other advantages. For example, they are safer than traditional jacks and can hold more weight. Due to their construction and design, floor jacks balance the weight better and are therefore more stable to use.

Additionally, floor jacks are relatively inexpensive, making them ideal for home and commercial repair jobs. Some floor jacks can even be folded and stored in the garage, taking up less space.

However, you also need to pay attention to safety when using a floor jack. To use a floor jack correctly, you need to make sure it is stable and correctly positioned in the right place, and follow the guidelines in the instructions. Also, always use additional support boards or support posts for added safety.

All in all, a floor jack is an essential part of your car repair toolbox. They’re convenient, affordable, and safe to help make routine car maintenance and repairs easier. If you don’t already have a floor jack, now is the time to consider purchasing one.

Product Details

Extended handle

Comfortable to hold and easy to operate

Thickened wheels

Made of fine steel, thickened solid wheels, more stable and easy to move

What vehicles are floor jacks suitable for?

Floor jacks are typically suitable for vehicle types such as cars, SUVs, and minivans. Different models of floor jacks have different load-bearing capacities, so you need to choose the right floor jack based on the weight of your vehicle.

How to use a floor jack?

When using a floor jack, first place it on a solid and stable ground, then rotate the handle to increase the hydraulic pressure, and finally place the support plate at the position where the vehicle needs to be raised, and then raise the vehicle to the required height.

What common problems should we pay attention to with floor jacks?

When using a floor jack, you need to pay attention to avoid overloading, ensure the stability and correct placement of the support plate, and also pay attention to whether there is hydraulic oil leakage or other damage.

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