TWDAD-1218 1.8T Floor Jack

Hot Sale 1.8Ton Standard Car Hydraulic Floor Jack Tool Quick Lift Portable Multi-functional Hydraulic Car Jack
  • Min.Height:130mm
  • Max.Height:330mm
  • Lifting Height: 200mm
  • Package:1pc/blow case
  • Packing size:47*22*15cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:1900pcs


Floor jack is one of the commonly used tools in automobile maintenance. With its stable performance and efficient lifting function, it has become a powerful assistant for automobile maintenance personnel.

First, let’s understand how a floor jack works. The floor jack uses the principle of hydraulic mechanics to lift the car. Floor jacks are typically capable of supporting several tons of weight, which is sufficient for the repair needs of most passenger cars and small commercial vehicles.

According to different principles and structures, floor jacks can be divided into two types: mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks. Mechanical jacks provide lifting force through the screw principle and require manual rotation of the handle; while hydraulic jacks use a hydraulic system to provide power and can provide lifting force through an operating handle or electrical control. Hydraulic jacks are generally more common than mechanical jacks because they are simpler and more convenient to operate.

Next, let’s learn how to use a floor jack. Before using a floor jack, you first need to park your vehicle on a flat, solid surface. Then, find a suitable location for support, usually a location where the vehicle’s chassis structure is sturdy. Place the floor jack on the ground and make sure the base is in firm contact with the ground. Next, gradually operate the handles to lift the vehicle to the desired height and use support equipment to stabilize the vehicle. When performing repair and replacement work, please secure the vehicle stably and use non-slip mats or other supporting equipment to ensure safety.

Product Details

Extended handle

Comfortable to hold and easy to operate

Thick piston rod

Large supporting tonnage, safer and more labor-saving

How to use a floor jack?

Before using a floor jack, the vehicle needs to be parked on a flat, solid ground. Then place the jack on the ground and make sure the base is in firm contact with the ground. Gradually operate the handles to lift the vehicle to the desired height and use supports to stabilize the vehicle.

What is the load-bearing range of a floor jack?

The load-bearing range of floor jacks varies by model, and is usually able to bear several tons of weight. When purchasing and using, you need to strictly follow the load-bearing range specified in the instructions.

What safety precautions should I pay attention to when using a floor jack?

When using a floor jack, you need to choose a model suitable for the weight and height of the vehicle, and strictly follow the instructions to avoid exceeding the load-bearing range of the jack. At the same time, regularly maintain and clean the jack to ensure it is working properly.

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