TWDAD-1213 1.3T Floor Jack

HOT Selling Floor Jacks Car 1.3t Heavy Duty Hydraulic Floor Jack Manufacturers Jack
  • Min.Height:130mm
  • Max.Height:320mm
  • Lifting Height: 150mm
  • Product size:41*19*13.5cm
  • Package:1pc/color box
  • Packing size:43*20*15mm
  • Qty for 20’ft:2200pcs


The floor jack has become every automobile maintenance worker’s right-hand assistant because of its convenience, efficiency and stability. Whether changing tires, inspecting the chassis, adjusting the suspension, or replacing parts, a floor jack makes it easy to lift a vehicle, providing maintenance personnel with a comfortable and safe working environment.

Full functioning
The floor jack has a strong structure, simple operation and strong load-bearing capacity, and can easily cope with the lifting needs of various vehicles. Its stable base and reliable lifting system enable the vehicle to be firmly supported in the air during maintenance, providing a safe and reliable working platform for maintenance personnel.

Various choices
There are floor jacks available in a variety of sizes and capacities, suitable for different types and weights of vehicles. Whether it is a family car, SUV or truck, you can find a suitable floor jack to meet the needs of different users.

Safe and reliable
The floor jack is made of high-strength materials, durable, reasonably designed and easy to operate. During use, correct operating methods and safety accessories can ensure safety during vehicle lifting and provide protection for maintenance personnel.

Easy to store
Floor jacks are compact and easy to store without taking up too much space. It can be placed in the garage, trunk or other convenient place to help you with car repairs at any time.

Product Details

Thickened steel plate

Strong and thick, stronger load-bearing and safer

Oil plug

Rubber oil plug, good sealing, used for oil filling and air discharge

Is it possible to support a vehicle with just a floor jack?

Relying solely on a floor jack to support a vehicle is not recommended. For safety reasons, it is recommended to use a support frame to support the vehicle firmly after lifting it. This will prevent the vehicle from falling and causing an accident if the floor jack is accidentally lowered or unstable.

Are floor jacks safe?

Yes, floor jacks are usually designed with multiple safety features, such as overload protection, anti-slip base, etc. However, proper use and following safe operating procedures are critical to ensuring safety. Please read and follow the safety instructions in the floor jack’s instruction manual and always operate with caution.

How to choose the right floor jack?

When choosing a floor jack, you need to consider the weight and height of your vehicle. Generally speaking, a small car is suitable for a 2-ton or 3-ton floor jack, while a large SUV or truck may require a floor jack with a higher load-bearing capacity. Also, pay attention to the floor jack’s maximum lifting height to make sure it can meet your needs.

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