TWD24-P05 0.5T Floor jack adapter

Altertool Factory Direct Supply 0.5t Hydraulic Transmission Floor Jack Parts of Transmission Jack Adapter
  • Packing:1pc/ctn
  • Packing size:47*25*13cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:1300pcs


The Floor Jack Adapter is a very useful tool during car repairs and maintenance. It can help you complete car maintenance tasks more easily and efficiently, especially for cars with special models or chassis designs. As an adapter, the Floor Jack Adapter can connect the floor jack’s lifting plate to the bottom of the vehicle, providing a more stable and reliable lifting platform for user convenience.

The process of using a Floor Jack Adapter requires following some steps and precautions. First, you need to choose the Floor Jack Adapter that fits your vehicle model and chassis design. Then, install the Floor Jack Adapter on the floor jack’s lift plate and make sure it’s securely connected to the vehicle. Next, slowly raise the vehicle using a handle or foot pedal by operating the floor jack’s hydraulic system until the desired height is reached. During the entire operation, remain steady and cautious and avoid sudden movements. After completing the service task, lower the vehicle slowly and carefully remove the Floor Jack Adapter.

Product Details

What is a Floor Jack Adapter?

Floor Jack Adapter is an adapter used to connect the floor jack’s lifting plate to the bottom of the vehicle to provide a more stable and reliable lifting platform. It is usually made of strong metal and can be shaped and sized to suit different vehicle models and chassis designs.

Why do I need to use a Floor Jack Adapter?

Some cars with special models or chassis designs may be difficult to lift when using a regular floor jack. The Floor Jack Adapter’s job is to provide a stronger, smoother lifting platform so you can complete your car repair tasks more easily and efficiently.

How do I install the Floor Jack Adapter?

Install the Floor Jack Adapter on the lift plate of the floor jack and make sure it is firmly connected to the vehicle. Specific installation steps may vary for different adapters, please be sure to follow the guidance in the product manual.

How do I maintain the Floor Jack Adapter?

Regularly clean the surface and hydraulic system of the Floor Jack Adapter to ensure proper operation. Check individual parts to make sure they are in good working order. Avoid exposure to moisture or corrosive environments to extend the life of your Floor Jack Adapter.

Does the Floor Jack Adapter work with all types of floor jacks?

Different floor jacks may have different lift plate designs and sizes. Therefore, Floor Jack Adapter compatibility may vary. Before purchasing, please confirm that the adapter is compatible with your floor jack.

Do I need a Floor Jack Adapter for routine car maintenance tasks?

Floor Jack Adapter is more common on cars with special models or chassis designs. For general vehicle and routine maintenance tasks, the Floor Jack Adapter may not be required. But if you find yourself in a situation that requires additional support, using the appropriate Floor Jack Adapter can provide a more stable lifting platform.

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