TWD24-6525 2.5T Floor Jack

High Quality 2.5Ton Floor Car Jacks Hydraulic Low Profile Jack Car Floor Jacks
  • Min.Height:135mm
  • Max.Height: 495mm
  • Lifting Height: 320mm
  • Package:1pc/ctn
  • Packing size: 68*38*19cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:570pcs


Floor jack trucks are popular for their excellent load-bearing capacity, easy operation and diverse model selection. Whether it is used at home or in a professional maintenance site, the floor jack truck can easily solve the problem of heavy object transportation and bring you an efficient and safe transportation experience.

Strong carrying capacity
Floor jack trucks usually have a carrying capacity of 2 tons to 3 tons and can easily lift various heavy objects to meet your different handling needs. The high-strength material manufacturing ensures the stability and durability of the floor jack, allowing you to handle heavy objects with confidence.

Easy operation
Operating the floor jack is very simple and intuitive, and the lifting task can be completed in a few simple steps. You only need to place the jack truck on a flat ground, adjust the height and lift it manually or by pedal operation, easily handling various handling tasks and improving work efficiency.

Diverse model selection
There are many different models of floor jack trucks to choose from to meet your individual needs. Whether it’s load capacity, minimum/maximum height or base type, you can find the right floor jack to make your moving tasks more convenient and efficient.

Long-term maintenance and extended service life
To keep your floor jack truck in good working order, regular maintenance is essential. Clean surfaces, lubricate moving parts, and regularly check for safety. These simple maintenance measures will extend the life of your jack and ensure it remains efficient at all times.

Product Details

Oil plug

Rubber oil plug, good sealing

Pressure rod

Comfortable grip, excellent material

What is a floor jack ?

A floor jack is a tool used to lift and carry heavy objects. It usually consists of a flat base, hydraulic system and handle, which provide lifting functions through manual operation or foot pedal.

What scenarios are floor jacks suitable for?

The floor jack is suitable for various places such as homes, garages, car repair shops, factories, etc. It can help you lift and carry heavy objects such as car parts, machinery and equipment, heavy tools, etc.

What are the advantages of a floor jack truck?

The floor jack has excellent load-bearing capacity and can easily handle heavy lifting needs. It is simple to operate and provides solid support and lifting capabilities. In addition, its diverse model selection can meet different load and height requirements.

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