TWD24-5525D 2.5T Floor Jack

Altertool Supply 2.5Ton Car Floor Jack Hot Sale Heavy duty Universal 5000LBS Hydraulic Floor Jacks
  • Min.Height:135mm
  • Max.Height: 495mm
  • Lifting Height: 320mm
  • Package:1pc/ctn
  • Packing size: 68*38*19cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:570pcs


The floor jack is a common and practical tool that is widely used in homes, garages, car repair shops, factories and other places. As a piece of equipment that can easily lift and carry heavy objects, floor jacks play an important role in improving work efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

1. Design and structure
The design of the floor jack truck is simple and practical. It usually consists of a flat base, hydraulic system and handle. The base is made of sturdy material to ensure stability and durability. The hydraulic system provides lifting functions through manual operation or foot pedal, allowing users to easily control the height of the jack.

2. Carrying capacity and diversified options
Floor jack trucks have excellent carrying capacity, usually between 2 and 3 tons. This allows it to cope with the handling needs of various heavy objects, such as automobile parts, machinery and equipment, and heavy tools. In addition, there are many different models of floor jack trucks available on the market, which can be personalized according to load requirements and height needs.

3. Easy to operate
Users only need to place the jack truck on a solid and flat ground, adjust the height of the jack truck as needed, and lift it by manual or pedal operation. The operation process is safe and reliable, and the lifting task can be completed in a few simple steps.

4. Improve work efficiency
The outstanding performance of floor jacks makes heavy lifting more efficient. It can help users lift and move heavy objects easily, reducing the intensity and time cost of manual labor. Whether used at home or in a professional repair facility, floor jacks greatly improve work efficiency and help users complete tasks faster.

5. Security Guarantee
Floor jack trucks are designed and tested to ensure their safety performance. However, during use, users should follow correct operating methods and safety regulations to ensure a stable use environment and avoid overloading. It is also necessary to regularly check the safety performance of the jack to ensure that it is always in good working order.

Product Details

Oil plug

Rubber oil plug, good sealing

Pressure rod

Comfortable grip, excellent material

Large casters

Easy to move

How to use a floor jack correctly?

First, place the floor jack on a solid and flat ground to ensure the base is stable. Then, adjust the height of the jack truck as needed and lift it by manual or pedal operation. During use, please pay attention to load restrictions and safe operating methods to ensure safe performance.

Does the floor jack need maintenance?

Yes, regular maintenance can extend the service life of the floor jack and ensure it is working properly. You should clean the surface of the floor jack, lubricate the moving parts, and check the safety performance regularly. Please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance.

How to choose a floor jack that suits you?

When choosing a floor jack, consider factors such as load capacity, minimum/maximum height, base type, etc. Choose the floor jack model that suits you based on your specific needs and usage scenarios.

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