TWD24-2820 2T Low profile floor Jack

Factory Direct Supply Professional 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Heavy Duty Hydraulic Car jack
  • Min.Height:85mm
  • Max.Height:330mm
  • Double lifting height:110~360mm
  • Package:1pc/blowcase
  • Packing size:576*245*163mm
  • Qty for 20’ft:1600pcs


Floor jack is a common and widely used mechanical tool, mainly used for automobile repair and maintenance.

Floor jacks come in various types and sizes to accommodate different types and weights of cars. The most common are 2-ton and 3-ton floor jacks, but there are also larger and smaller models on the market for users to choose from. Additionally, there are low-profile floor jacks that have a lower minimum height than standard floor jacks, making them easier to operate in lower spaces.

There are some basic steps to follow when using a floor jack. First, place the floor jack on a solid, stable surface, making sure the base is firmly supported on the ground. Then, locate the car’s jack socket, which is usually located on the side of the bottom of the car. You can ensure a secure connection by aligning the floor jack’s socket with your car’s jack socket and inserting it gently. Next, operate the lift rod to start the hydraulic cylinder to lift the car. When the car reaches the desired height, stop operating the lift lever. When performing inspections and repairs, always use caution and avoid partially extending your body under the vehicle or standing under the vehicle.

Safety is always paramount when using a floor jack. Make sure the floor jack is placed on a firm and stable surface and avoid using it on unstable ground. During operation, avoid standing under the car or extending part of your body under the car to prevent accidents. Additionally, perform regular inspections and maintenance on floor jacks to ensure they are in good working order.

Product Details

Extended handle

Handle design

How to maintain a floor jack?

Perform regular inspections and maintenance on floor jacks, including cleaning and lubrication, ensuring there is sufficient hydraulic oil and no leaking or damaged parts. Please be sure to check the stability of the base and lifting rod before use, and make sure the hydraulic system is working properly.

How to use a floor jack correctly?

When using a floor jack, you first need to place it on a solid and stable ground. Then, by operating the lift rod, the hydraulic cylinder starts working, allowing the car to be lifted. During operation, be sure to pay attention to safety and avoid standing under the car or extending part of your body under the car to prevent accidents. After use, floor jacks should be properly stored and cleaned and maintained as necessary.

What is the maximum load capacity of a floor jack?

The maximum load capacity of a floor jack varies by model. Common floor jacks on the market usually have a load-bearing capacity of 2 tons or 3 tons, which means that they can lift cars of corresponding weight. If you need a jack with a higher capacity, there are also models that offer even greater capacity.

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