TWD24-2525R 2.5T Low profile floor Jack

2.5T Portable Hydraulic Trolley Jack Car Floor jack Low Profile Floor Jack with Twisting Handle For Car Repair
  • Min.Height:85mm
  • Max.Height:380mm
  • Lifting Height:105mm
  • Package:1pc/ctn
  • Packing size:61.5*24*15cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:1200pcs


A floor jack is an indispensable tool when it comes to car repairs and maintenance. Its portability, versatility and safety make it a useful assistant for car owners and professional technicians.

Floor Jack plays an important role in various car repair and maintenance scenarios.
Tire replacement: When it is time to replace vehicle tires, Floor Jack can quickly lift the vehicle to lift the tires off the ground for easy replacement.
Chassis inspection: For inspection and maintenance of chassis components, Floor Jack provides a convenient lifting solution. It can lift the vehicle to a suitable height so technicians can make necessary inspections and repairs.
Oil line maintenance: When performing oil line maintenance (such as replacing engine oil, engine filters, etc.), Floor Jack can provide enough space to allow technicians to work more easily.
Brake system repair: When servicing the brake system, Floor Jack can lift the vehicle, making it easier for technicians to access brake components and make necessary repairs or replacements.

When using Floor Jack, you need to pay attention to the following points:
Make sure you choose the right floor jack that can handle the required load and meet the height requirements of your vehicle.
Before use, make sure the vehicle is parked on flat, solid ground to ensure safe operation.
Do not exceed the maximum load limit of the Floor Jack, otherwise it may cause the jack to fail or cause accidental injury.
When using Floor Jack, avoid placing body parts under the vehicle to avoid accidents.
After use, place the Floor Jack in a stable location and perform cleaning and maintenance to ensure normal operation the next time it is used.

Product Details

Hydraulic pump

Increase tonnage, save labor and convenience

How to use Floor Jack correctly?

Before using Floor Jack, you first need to confirm that the vehicle is parked on a flat, hard surface and that the vehicle is stationary. The Floor Jack then needs to be placed in a stable position under the vehicle and the vehicle gradually raised until the desired height is reached. It is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and pay attention to safety during operation.

How much weight can the Floor Jack hold?

Different models and types of Floor Jacks can handle different loads and have maximum and minimum height restrictions. Before use, it is important to carefully study the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that the chosen Floor Jack can withstand the required loads.

Can a Floor Jack replace a car jack?

The Floor Jack is often considered a portable and versatile jack, but it is not a complete replacement for a car jack. A Floor Jack does not have the same lifting capacity as a car jack, so a car jack is recommended when performing repairs on large vehicles or heavy equipment.

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