TWD24-1820 2 T Floor Jack

Hot Selling Floor Used Jacks Car 2ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack 4000LBS Hydraulic Floor Jack
  • Min.Height:125mm
  • Max.Height:330mm
  • Lifting Height: 200mm
  • Package:1pc/blow case
  • Packing size:48*23*15cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:1900pcs


Whether you’re a car owner or a professional mechanic, you’ll often be in a situation where you need to lift a car or other heavy object. At this time, a reliable Floor Jack is particularly important. Our Floor Jack is your best choice, making your work easier and more efficient!

Strong load-bearing capacity: Made of high-strength materials to ensure it can bear the weight of various vehicles or heavy objects, safe and reliable.
Flexible and portable: Well-designed wheels and handles make movement and operation very convenient, making it easy to cope with various environments.
Stable support: Sturdy support foot design ensures stability during use and provides a safe working environment.

Multifunctional application:
Car maintenance: Lift the car to replace tires, repair the chassis or perform daily maintenance, easily solving various vehicle maintenance problems.
Household moving: moving furniture, equipment or other heavy objects, helping you to move heavy household objects easily and save physical energy.
Construction site construction: It is suitable for the improvement of various buildings and mechanical equipment to help your construction work be more efficient.

Use suggestions:
Please make sure the ground is flat before use and avoid using on unstable surfaces.
Please use according to product specifications and guidelines and do not overuse Floor Jack.
Please pay attention to your own safety during use and do not place your body under lifting objects.

Product Details

Hydraulic pump

Increase tonnage, save labor and convenience

Steel casters

Sturdy and durable, more flexible in movement

How does Floor Jack work?

The Floor Jack works via a hydraulic system, when the handle is rotated, the piston moves upward, pushing oil from the reservoir into the hydraulic cylinder, thereby raising the top platform. To lower the height, simply turn the handle and the piston will move downward, allowing fluid to flow back into the tank.

What vehicles or heavy objects is Floor Jack suitable for?

Our Floor Jack is suitable for most cars, SUVs and light trucks, and can also be used to lift heavy objects such as furniture, machinery and equipment.

What safety precautions should I pay attention to when using Floor Jack?

Before use, please make sure the ground is flat and stable and avoid using it on unstable surfaces. In addition, use it according to product specifications and guidelines, do not overload the Floor Jack, pay attention to personal safety during use, and do not place your body under lifting objects.

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