TWD24-1515 1.5T Floor Jack

Altertool 1.5T High Quality Floor Jack Hydraulic Car Repair Jack Red Flooring Jacks for Workshop
  • Min.Height:125mm
  • Max.Height:300mm
  • Lifting Height: 175mm
  • Package:1pc/color box
  • Packing size:43*20*13.5cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:2600pcs


Whether you are doing car repairs, maintenance or replacing parts, a floor jack is your best assistant. As a tool that provides powerful lifting capabilities through a hydraulic system, floor jacks are prized for their stability and convenience.

First, floor jacks are designed with stability in mind. It usually features a solid base structure, allowing it to better distribute the load and provide reliable support. Whether you need to lift a small passenger car or a heavy-duty SUV, a floor jack can handle the job. Its lifting capacity is usually between 2 tons and 5 tons, meeting the needs of most maintenance tasks.

Secondly, the floor jack is simple to operate and easy to use. Just place it on a solid and stable ground, choose the correct lifting point, and raise the lifting arm through the hydraulic pump to easily lift the vehicle to the desired height. Whether it’s home DIY or professional repairs, a floor jack can help you get twice the result with half the effort.

In addition to car repair and maintenance, floor jacks can also be used for other tasks that require lifting heavy objects. Whether you’re moving furniture, installing equipment, or performing industrial maintenance, a floor jack can help you get it done with ease. However, when using a floor jack, make sure the load does not exceed its stated capacity and follow safe operating guidelines.

For a better user experience, regular maintenance is essential. Please check your floor jack’s hydraulic system regularly to make sure there are no leaks or damage. At the same time, promptly replace the hydraulic oil, clean and lubricate the moving parts to maintain the normal operation and safety of the floor jack

Product Details

Strong support

Thick piston rod

Universal wheel

How much load can a floor jack handle?

Different models of floor jacks have different lifting capabilities. Before using a floor jack, please review its specifications and instructions to make sure it can meet your needs.

 How much does a floor jack cost?

Floor jack prices vary based on brand, load capacity, and features. Typically, high-quality floor jacks will be relatively more expensive, but they offer better stability and reliability. You can choose the right product based on your needs and budget.

Can the floor jack be used for other purposes?

Floor jacks are primarily designed for automotive repair and maintenance, but can also be used for other tasks that require lifting heavy objects. However, when using a floor jack, attention should be paid to its load capacity and stability to ensure safe operation.

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