TWD05-1316 1.6T Floor Jack

Altertool 1.6 Ton Orange Trolley Service Floor Jack Hydraulic Low Profile Floor Jacks Heavy Duty Car Truck SUV Jacks
  • Min.Height:135mm
  • Max.Height:315mm
  • Lifting Height: 150mm
  • Package:1pc/blowcase
  • Packing size:45*22*15mm
  • Qty for 20’ft:1800pcs


Floor Jack is a common car repair tool that can lift the car to facilitate vehicle maintenance, replacement of parts and other operations. It usually consists of several main parts: base, hydraulic system, support arm and handle.

Car repairs are easy with Floor Jack. First, place the floor jack under the vehicle and make sure the base is in firm contact with the ground. Then, use the handles to lift the support arms upward until they make contact with the vehicle’s support points. Finally, use the handles to gradually raise the vehicle until you reach the desired height. After completing the repair, gradually lower the vehicle until it is safely back on the ground.

Floor Jack is very important in the auto repair industry because it makes repair work easier for technicians. It also helps owners better understand their vehicles and makes it easier for them to perform their own repairs.

However, there are some safety precautions to be aware of when using Floor Jack. First, the correct type and size of Floor Jack must be used to accommodate the weight and support points of your specific vehicle. Secondly, before using the floor jack, you must ensure that the base is in firm contact with the ground to prevent accidental sliding or tilting. Most importantly, caution must be exercised when using a floor jack to avoid any possible injury or accident.

Product Details

Flexible lifting and lowering

Sturdy and oil-proof

Thickened steel plate

What is Floor Jack?

A Floor Jack is a car repair tool that can be used to lift a car so that repair work can be performed.

What parts does Floor Jack have?

Floor Jack usually consists of base, hydraulic system, support arm and handle.

Are there other types of jacks that can be used for car repairs?

Yes, there are other types of jacks, such as bottle jacks and jack stands, etc. But Floor Jack is the most commonly used one because it is easy to use and provides adequate load-bearing capacity.

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