TWD05-1114 1.4T Floor Jack

Factory Direct Sale 1.4Ton Floor Jack High Quality 2800LBS Car Floor Jack Hydraulic Trolley Jack for Car Repair
  • Min.Height:140mm
  • Max.Height:295mm
  • Lifting Height: 155mm
  • Package:1pc/color box
  • Packing size:40.5*20*14.5mm
  • Qty for 20’ft:2500pcs


The floor jack plays an important role in car repair and maintenance. It is a convenient and practical tool. Whether you are a professional automotive technician or a car owner, a floor jack is an essential piece of equipment.
The purpose of a floor jack is to provide lift, allowing you to easily lift your vehicle for repair and maintenance work. A floor jack raises the vehicle so you can more easily change tires, inspect underbody parts, or perform other repairs.

Choosing the right floor jack is very important. First, you need to consider the lifting capacity of your floor jack. Make sure the floor jack you choose can handle the weight of your vehicle. Secondly, pay attention to the lifting height and make sure the floor jack can provide enough height for your needs. Quality and stability are also factors to consider when choosing a floor jack. Choosing a strong, stable floor jack will ensure safe lifting of your vehicle.

Before using a floor jack, read and follow the following safe operating guidelines. First, make sure you are operating the floor jack on a solid, flat surface. Do not place it on unstable or uneven surfaces where it may accidentally tilt or slide. Second, make sure you find the correct lifting point before placing the floor jack under the vehicle. These lift points are usually detailed in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Do not operate the floor jack at non-designed lifting points on the vehicle to avoid damage to the vehicle’s underside.

Use caution during lifting. Slowly turn the handle or pedal of the floor jack to slowly lift the vehicle. Before carrying out repair work, it is important to ensure that the vehicle is firmly supported by the floor jack to prevent accidental shaking or tilting. Do not exceed the maximum lifting capacity of the floor jack as this may result in equipment failure or loss of stability.

Finally, regular maintenance of your floor jack is key to ensuring its performance and safety. Please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular cleaning and lubrication. Replace any worn or damaged parts. This will extend the life of the floor jack and ensure safe operation.

Product Details

Extended rocker

Quick lifting and comfortable grip

Thick piston rod

Larger supporting tonnage, safe and labor-saving

What size floor jack should I choose?

Choosing the appropriate tonnage floor jack depends on the weight of the vehicle you want to lift. Generally speaking, small cars can choose 2-ton or 3.5-ton floor jacks, while large SUVs, trucks, etc. may require higher-tonnage floor jacks. Make sure the floor jack has the lifting capacity to cover all your vehicle needs.

How to operate a floor jack?

Before operating the floor jack, make sure you are operating on a solid, flat ground. Find the vehicle’s designed lifting points and place the floor jack in the correct location. Slowly raise the vehicle by turning the handlebars or using the foot pedals until the desired height is reached. Use caution to ensure that the floor jack is firmly supporting the vehicle during use.

Are there any safety precautions for floor jacks?

When using a floor jack, please be sure to follow the safe operating guidelines, ensure it is placed on a solid and stable ground for operation, do not exceed its maximum lifting capacity, do not lift the vehicle at non-designed lifting points, and be sure to use supports after lifting. frame to support the vehicle. Make sure no one is around during the operation and remain alert.

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