TWD03-6330 3T Floor Jack

Portable 3T Double Pump Floor Jack Low Profile Hydraulic Lifting Car Jack Professional Manual Heavy-Duty Horizontal Jacks
  • Min.Height:135mm
  • Max.Height:500mm
  • Package:1pc/ctn
  • Packing size:70*38.5*20cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:540pcs


A floor jack is a common piece of mechanical equipment used to lift heavy vehicles for repair and maintenance work.

A floor jack is a powerful and durable tool with great load-bearing capacity and stability that can easily lift and support vehicles weighing several tons.

Using a floor jack is very simple, but there are some basic steps to follow. First, make sure the work area is flat and free of obstructions. Then, place the jack where the vehicle needs to be lifted, with its base pressed against the ground. Next, operate the jack’s handle or foot pedal to raise the piston to the desired height. After the vehicle reaches the desired height, make sure the jack is firmly supporting the vehicle. After completing the repair task, carefully lower the jack, lower the vehicle slowly and stow the jack.

Product Details

Double pump structure

Double pump structure

Save time and effort, more durable, strong load-bearing capacity

Rubber anti-slip mat

Increase friction and protect the chassis

Strengthen the strong lifting arm

Ensure the jack is safe and stable during lifting

Can a floor jack be used to store vehicles for long periods of time?

Floor jack trucks are mainly used to temporarily lift vehicles for repair and maintenance. It is not recommended to store vehicles on floor jack trucks for long periods of time. For long-term vehicle storage, it is best to use specialized vehicle supports.

Are floor jacks safe?

Floor jacks are safe when used correctly. However, make sure to follow the operating instructions and place it on a sturdy and stable surface. It’s also important to know your vehicle’s weight limit and choose the right jack to handle the load on your vehicle.

What are the application scenarios of floor jacks?

Floor jacks are widely used in car maintenance. It can be used to replace brake pads, inspect exhaust systems, perform chassis maintenance, tire replacement, etc. to provide a convenient and safe working environment.

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