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Transmission Jack
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  • CE/GS certification, IS09001 certification

Altertool Transmission Jack

Transmission Jack is a tool specially used for car repairs. It is mainly used to remove and install the vehicle’s transmission. The Transmission Jack is a convenient, fast and safe tool that can easily remove or install the transmission from the vehicle.

We will provide different design schemes according to your needs, if you need samples, we can also provide you with!

0.5T transmission jack




Packing size:105x25x25cm

Qty for 20’ft:300pcs

0.5T Transmission Jack



Packing:1pc/plywood case

Packing size:49x27x74cm

Qty for 20’ft:277pcs

0.5T Transmission jack



Packing:1pc/polwood case

Packing size:49*27*74cm

Qty for 20’ft:290pcs

0.5T Transmission jack



Packing:1pc/polwood case

Packing size:56x37x87cm

Qty for 20’ft:150pcs

1T Transmission jack



Packing:1pc/polwood case

Packing size:56x37x87cm

Qty for 20’ft:150pcs

0.6T Transmission Jack



Packing:1pc/plywood case

Packing size:49x27x85cm

Qty for 20’ft:225pcs

0.5T Low profile Transmission jack



Products size:820*460*300mm

Packing: 1pc/ctn

Packing size:91x53x33cm

0.5T Transmission Jack



Packing:1pc/plywood case

Packing size:52*23*80cm

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Product Feature

Increase platform
Upgrade pressure relief valve





Upgrade cylinder
Stable chassis

Available from stock

Various specifications, source factory, large quantity available from stock


The quality of products can fully meet the CE/GS standard


We have a professional technical team to provide you with strong technical support; professional after-sales service team to make your order worry-free

Source factory of transmission jack——Altertool

Our factory implements ISO9001 quality management system, and has passed the quality management system certification, production quality is controllable, product quality can be customized according to different needs of customers

  • Went together easy enough. Impressed with the sturdy construction it doesn’t feel cheap or light.

  • Trans jack worked well , also used as a lift for my oil drain pan soooo much easier ! Good product for the money , great for my limited use in my home shop.

  • The jack is packaged VERY well and is very well made. Assembly was a breeze and the instructions are thorough.Definitely buy this lift!

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Questions You Want to Know about Transmission jack


This guide will focus on solving the problems you encounter when choosing a transmission jack ~

How to use Transmission Jack safely?

Before using the Transmission Jack, please make sure that the tool’s hydraulic system is functioning properly and that all bolts are tightened. During operation, make sure the gearbox is installed smoothly on the bracket to avoid accidents.

What type of cars is Transmission Jack suitable for?

Transmission Jack is generally suitable for transmission repairs on most cars and light trucks. But for transmissions in special or heavy-duty vehicles, a specially designed Transmission Jack may be required.

How to maintain the Transmission Jack?

Regularly check the Transmission Jack’s hydraulic system, bolt connections and bracket stability to ensure that the surfaces of the platform and bracket are clean during work to avoid instability caused by oil dirt or debris. At the same time, pay attention to timely replacement of hydraulic oil and ensure that the working environment is dry and clean.

What safety precautions does Transmission Jack require?

When using Transmission Jack, make sure the work area is flat, stable, and has enough space for operation. Operators should wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as gloves and safety shoes, and follow operating instructions and safety procedures provided by the manufacturer.

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