TQD30-3353 3T Air Jack

Hot Selling 3 Ton Portable Pneumatic Air Jack Lift Car Repair Floor Jack Air Pneumatic Jack
  • Min.H: 150mm
  • Max.H: 400mm
  • Pressure(PSI): 8-12kg
  • Working termpreture: +/-30~50℃
  • Packing:1pc/ctn
  • Packing size: 63*50*21.5cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:420pcs


  • Our pneumatic jacks are constructed using high-strength alloy steel and steel tubes, ensuring durability. They undergo a complete body paint treatment, which can be customized according to customer preferences.
  • The support head and support seat of these pneumatic jacks feature an oversized and thickened structure for enhanced stability and durability. Additionally, high-quality rubber rollers are carefully chosen to further improve their performance.
  • Equipped with hand-held handles, these pneumatic jacks are designed for easy mobility and seamless use.
  • This versatile product can be used on various challenging terrains, such as soft, collapsible terrain, sand, or muddy roads. It caters to a wide range of vehicles, including family cars, minivans, off-road vehicles, and is well-suited for auto repair shops.

Product Details

No damage to the chassis

In our design, we have incorporated a soft rubber material at the connection point between our product and the vehicle body. This innovative feature allows for the expansion of the roof area underneath the vehicle chassis without causing any potential damage.

Convenient and fast

Thanks to our product’s ultra-low chassis design, lifting and lowering a typical car can be effortlessly accomplished in just 3 seconds. This remarkable speed and efficiency make it an ideal solution for optimizing vehicle maintenance and saving valuable time.

What is the minimum and maximum lifting height of the Air Jack?

The Air Jack offers a minimum lifting height of 150mm and a maximum lifting height of 400mm, providing versatility for various lifting needs.

What is the recommended pressure range for operating the Air Jack?

The Air Jack operates optimally within a pressure range of 8-12kg/PSI. Please ensure the appropriate air pressure is maintained for maximum performance.

What is the working temperature range for the Air Jack?

The Air Jack can function effectively within a working temperature range of +/-30 to 50℃. Operating it within this range ensures optimal performance and longevity.

What are the packaging details for the Air Jack?

The Air Jack is packed individually, with dimensions of 635021.5cm. In a 20’ft container, it can accommodate up to 420pcs, allowing for efficient transportation and storage.

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