TQD30-3233 3T Air Jack

Hot-selling Inflatable Air Jack High quality 3T Air Jack By Factory Direct Supply
  • Min.Height: 150mm
  • Max.Height: 400mm
  • Pressure(PSI): 8-12kg
  • Working termpreture: +/-30~50℃
  • Packing:1pc/ctn
  • Packing size: 52*43*18cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:700pcs


  • Maximum weight/height :6600 LBS:Pneumatic jack capacity :6600 LBS /3T. Lifting height range: Height range :150mm-400mm,Pressure(PSI): 8-12kg). It only takes five seconds to lift.
  • Heavy-duty structure: Pneumatic jack is made of high-strength steel, which is strong and durable. Larger stress zones are suitable for soft areas prone to collapse. Portable handle – This airbag jack is equipped with a handle for easy movement and use.
  • Easy to use:Powerful and very fast to use. Three bag jacks are the easiest and fastest way to get a car up. It is inflated with compressed air.
  • Widely used:Suitable for soft and collapsible terrain, water and sand or muddy roads. Family cars, minivans,

Product Details

No damage to the chassis

We have integrated a soft rubber material into our design, specifically at the connection point between our product and the vehicle body. This allows for an expansion of the roof area underneath the vehicle without any potential harm to the chassis.

Convenient and fast

With our product’s ultra-low chassis design, you can effortlessly lift and lower a typical car in just 3 seconds. This remarkable speed and efficiency make it an ideal solution for optimizing vehicle maintenance and saving valuable time.

How does the air jack work?

The air jack operates by utilizing compressed air to lift vehicles off the ground. It features a durable air bladder that inflates and expands, creating a lifting force that raises the vehicle. This allows for easy and efficient tire changes, repairs, and maintenance.

What are the weight capacity and lifting range of the air jack?

Our air jack is designed to support a specific weight capacity and lifting range. The weight capacity may vary depending on the model, but it is typically suitable for lifting a wide range of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and light trucks. The lifting range is adjustable and can accommodate different clearance heights.

Is the air jack safe to use?

Yes, our air jack is designed with safety in mind. It is equipped with safety features such as a locking mechanism to ensure stability and prevent accidental deflation. Additionally, the air jack is constructed from high-quality materials to withstand heavy loads and provide reliable performance.

How portable is the air jack?

Like any mechanical equipment, Air Jacks require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This typically involves checking and adjusting the air pressure, inspecting the hoses and fittings for any damage, and lubricating moving parts as recommended by the manufacturer. Following the maintenance guidelines will help keep your Air Jack in excellent working condition.

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